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Snuggle Fest 2009
Thanks. its hard to catch them ina group there is always either Nuba or Sambo missing, but I keep trying. i think they look the sweetest that way all together like a big family...
Don't you just wanna bundle up with them and forget about the rest of the day? I always feel like it when I see Stella cuddled up under the covers or sleeping near her big sister Izzy.
I want to be with them all the time. sleeping with the 5 of them is a task though..lol...They Always cuddle so well, you just feel the love, and the growls when you get up and disturb them..LOL
LOL Ever notice how you will put yourself in an uncomfortable position just so your little one(s) can stay in a comfortable position? :)
Yep I wind up on the floor and with them all over me and up at 3am just cause they are happy. It really surprises me how they get me too do alll this..LOL

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