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our big boy xx
I love rats! I had the sweetest little girl named Mayzie, I just adored her. But gave up on trying to have them as pets--their life expectancy is too short and I get too attached and it just kills me. Mayzie got cancer and died before she was two. I cried my eyes out. Please tell me these are pets and not feeder rats for your snakes...
What makes them a dumbo rat--was expecting big ears or something.
lol they are strictly pets i breed them as a hobby they are very popular in this area as pets i never have a probolem finding them homes, i buy frozen rats online for the snakes . they are names Dubo rats because thge have rounded eats on the top of the head this picture didnt show that to well as he pinned them back as the photo was taken other pics i have on here show the ears a little better = )

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Dumbo Rats xx
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