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    Happy Birthday, AnetteMR.

    @admin @Catzzzmeow @Hairless Blessing @Toa and Ross @Yoda mom BIG thanks to you, dear lairians!! xox
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    The numbers game

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    Sphynx Cat Tattoos

    Got my baby Mireya inked on me.
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    Bloody mucus in stool

    Hi, lairians. Fenrir has been with us for a month now and for a few weeks I finally managed to get his rid of his tummy issues. They both eat the same food, Royal Canin Sphynx and it works great. But today I saw little bit of bloody mucus on top of Fenrir's poop and became worried. I'm thinking...
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    SEVEN babies for my first-time mom Knobbie!!

    Oh my, they are adorable!!!!! Now I want a third one, but don't tell hubby, he would kill me!!!!! LOL
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    Lazy mornings!

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    The numbers game

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    Sorry for not answering right away, I've geen really busy. But everything is OK, Mireya's bloodwork was excellent and the vet didn't see a reason to do any further research. She just told us that this could be caused by the new food, the new pet or both. So she recommended buying her her old...
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    I'm writing from the vet's office right now. Couldn't bring anyone's poop sample, because they haven't pooped, sigh. But right now they are running Mireya's blood tests and in about 20 minutes they will tell the results. Wish us luck. And I have to buy the old food (Royal) to see if she eats...
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    Our girl still hasn't eaten a thing and runs away from me when I come towards her with food. I really don't know what to do, this makes me want to cry. I feel like I have to get her to the vet?
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    @Catzzzmeow Only the new baby's poop smells horribly. Mireya's is normal. Although at first with the food changes, Mireya's poop was normal with a micro-tiny bit of loose stool on it. But that's it.
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    @Catzzzmeow No, I didn't get his poop sample checked, but I told the story to the vet and she told that it's most likely from the new food and that it'll take time and when it gets worse, then come for a checkup. It's gotten firmer but it still smells absolutely horrible. I have no clue what...
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    Hi. As you know, over 2 weeks ago we brought home a new sphynx boy. He still has slight diarrhea (it's gotten better and it's from the food I guess.) but that's not what I'm worried about. Mireya hasn't eaten since yesterday, like over 24h ago. And she was always the one who loved food, no...
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    New Game - Change a Letter

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    Post bath cuddles with Rosie

    @lealea Your girl is gorgeous. The last pic just makes me want to snuggle up next to her.:)