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I was 10years old when I seen my first Sphynx cat. I wanted one from that day forward and finally 15 years later I am the proud owner and spoiler of my dream kitty Naked and Nofur
Knoxville, PA
How many Sphynx I own
  1. I have one male
  2. I have one female
My Sphynx Names
Naked (female) Nofur (male)
Nick Names
My Sphynx Birthday
03/23/2015 Naked 06/24/2015 Nofur
Naked is a lilac Tabby calico. Nofur is a chocolate mink
My Sphynx Likes
Food, play time, watching birds, car rides, playing together, and
My Sphynx favorite toys
Flying stick toy, pink cube, and remote critter.
Favorite Food
Naked has a strict hard food diet and Nofur will have the same diet.
Favorite snack
Chicken nuggets
Favorite Kitty Litter
Cat genie (this is the greatest cat litter pan ever invented)
Favorite Nap Spot
Black fuzzy pillow, on the humans, and in bed with my son or me.
My Sphynx Skills
Being way too cute :)
My other pets
we just have a 7 year old boy and two hairless kitties. Naked (Sphynx) And Nofur (elf)
I work



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