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    The numbers game

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    New to Sphynxlair!

    They are less maintenance than sphynx as they don't need to be bathed often; unless the fur looks dingy. Weekly ear and eye wiping, and like with any animal, oral hygene is important. Overall though, it is the same as any other cat or dog. They are so cute and funny too....like acrobats, and...
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    New to Sphynxlair!

    Hello all hairless lovers!!!! I have a small cattery in Ontario Canada, specializing in Cornish Rex and Donskoys. I also have a Canadian Sphynx but she is not for breeding; just loving!!!! I am excited to be part of the group :)
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    Small amount of blood in stool

    SashimisMom, I just had this as well with my Canadian Sphynx. I took the stool sample in and it turns out it is coccidia. It is an intestinal parasite but not a worm. It is common in kittens and usually goes away on it's own without the kitten having any symptoms. In some cases though you will...