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    What Halloween character/costume best fits your Sphynx’s personality ?

    Vampire. She's sleek and sophisticated, but still needs to sleep during the day in her native dirt! AKA ma's bed. :)
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    Tips for play-time when cat isn't interested in toys?

    Cally is also toy picky. She enjoys laser chase, boxes, bags, tissue paper (refresh ever so often), & an audience. She has limited attention to a door mounted toy that rolls a ribbon out every rotation - only play if I sit right there & cheer. An eectronic mouse under cloth with 4 speeds. Mainly...
  3. CalicoVelvet

    What does your sphynx "feel" like?

    Cally's non directional velvet
  4. CalicoVelvet

    Water Dish Help

    I had problems with Cally, but her problem was tipping it over for fun. A porcelain fountain prevents that while giving her entertainment too.
  5. CalicoVelvet

    Wookie- or- a very hairy sphynxmas

    Love it! Great Chewy coat. I keep telling Cally I'll dress her as Leia.
  6. CalicoVelvet

    Is this normal after bath time?

    Cally's bumps go away almost immediately. I'd say she was allergic to the water, if she didn't hop in and watch the shower dry after Ma gets out.
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    Is this normal after bath time?

    Hi, Cally gets red bath bumps too! (Just found this) Initially, I used the stuff the breeder said to use, but it seemed she started to get bumps. I went through every baby/gentle shampoo I could find. Discussing sensitivity with my mom & she mentioned having some ivory soap still. I'd tried...
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    What product do you bathe your sphynx with?

    My baby became sensitive to the groomer' s dove sensitive skin bar. Tried tons of baby safe soaps, & in desperation I found an old bottle of Ivory in the back of the cabinet. Yep, my girl gets washed like generations of delicates.
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    Strange behavior. . for a cat?

    Sadly it'd be a painful love... teeth marks! She's 2, so it's not teething! :cat:
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    Strange behavior. . for a cat?

    Poor Merlin's looking for magic?
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    Strange behavior. . for a cat?

    I only wore them to work at the fabric store for a few months before my surgery. They're the same brand, maybe there's something in that. She's not touched any of the older pairs. I dunno if vinegar will work, but I'll try it. She seems to like the smell of pickles.
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    Strange behavior. . for a cat?

    Hi. The last 6 months Cally has taken a liking to 2 pairs of sneakers. & by liking, I mean she pulls them out and chews on the soles' sides. I thought that was a dog thing, but the boys (2 year old yorkies) just want the shoestrings or to lick them. Anyone else have this problem? I hide...
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    Made a Sock Sweater for Rufus

    Maybe Cally would like that... bought her two shirts on sale that she hates. Store tried saying I needed a special size since she's in-between, but I didn't want to spend a lot in case she hated it. She takes them off!
  14. CalicoVelvet

    Pet drinking fountain?

    I got a porcelain fountain because someone enjoyed overturning the reservoir style- too heavy now. She needed no encouragement because she loves a drippy faucet.
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    Dirty ears question

    Hi, I have had Cally for a year and a half now. We do okay bathing (have an agreement we constantly update) but for a problem.. she's a mostly pink & grey calico and I could swear her ears should be pink or white. They're a dusty tan that bathing (washcloth gently rubbing) won't change. As a...