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Happily married to Mr. Catzzz. We have no kids, just kitties by choice. They are our everything.
March 3
Quick Bio
My life changed forever when our first Sphynx named Babas came into it. This amazing breed not only comes into your home, but your heart forever.
How many Sphynx I own
  1. I have one male
  2. I have two females
My Sphynx Names
Jouët Azura Myshka Ochi
Nick Names
PaPoose, Zhou Zhou, Twainy. Irie, Brat Baby. MeeMo, Mouse, Mousey. Ochi-chi, Little Guy
My Sphynx Birthday
Sept 23rd
February 28th
Oct 1st
March 6th
White, seal, tortie, mink
My Sphynx Likes
Undivided attention...and lots of heat
My Sphynx favorite toys
Da Bird, springs
Favorite Nap Spot
In our bed or under blankets or a sunny window
My Sphynx Skills
The power to get anything they want from me at any time.
District Sales Manager




My life was changed forever when our first Sphynx came into it.


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