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Cleopatra Beers

Cleo's mom--Julie is a RETIRED Fashion teacher. Cleo's dad Bob is a former Nevada Assemblyman, was a mediator for the Supreme Court of Nevada and writes novels. Look up Tony Mandolin, if you're curious.
October 17
Quick Bio
Cleopatra came to us June 18, 2011. She joined the 3 white furry cats already ruling the house. In December 2011, By February 2014, we lost Kermit & Sadie, 2 of the white cats. So we began looking for another boy.
Marcus Antonius Anubis came to us on June 30, 2014. He joined Cleopatra and our remaining white, furry cat, Sydney Cat. In summer 2015, Sydney Cat died, leaving Cleopatra and Marcus A. A. to be the Gruesome Twosome.
How many Sphynx I own
  1. I have one male
  2. I have one female
My Sphynx Names
Cleopatra Queen of Her World
Marcus Antonius Anubis
Nick Names
Cleo, The Stomach, and Trouble/ Markie-Markie, Markie Nubie Tony and Stinky Marky
My Sphynx Birthday
About March 15, 2011-exact date unknown for Cleopatra

April Fool's Day--April 1, 2014 for Marcus
Cleo is a grey and white tuxedo

Marcus is a blue and white mink
My Sphynx Likes
Cleo- going places, walk on leashes & shopping.
Marcus- purr, eat, cuddle, play with Cleo and spending 2 to 3 hours a night with Daddy and Da Bird.
My Sphynx favorite toys
Da Bird, Tunnels, Balls, Springs
Favorite Food
freeze-dried salmon and pumpkin ( not together)
Favorite Kitty Litter
whatever can be scratched a lot
Favorite Nap Spot
mom's lap, in the sun
My Sphynx Skills
Cieo-clicker trained-- she can do basic tricks--sit, sit up, jump between furniture. We're working on stay.
Marcus-becoming a serious Agility contender!
My other pets


Cleopatra, Marcus and Julie


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