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    Peterbald sphynx in need of a home in MA

    Hi. Sadly i need to find a new home for my boy. I have had him since February, he is 2.5 years old. I got him thru a post on here, but unfortunately he is not a good fit for my family. He needs allot more attention and time than we have available and is having some behavioral issues as a...
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    Someone to take good care of my boy...

    Hi. I am in Mass. Where in maine are you? Why does he need a new home? We have been hoping to add a sphynx to our home again...
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    Two Babies looking for their new home

    Where are you located?
  4. Ferret

    2 sphinx cats need a good home

    awww, to far... we are in Mass
  5. Ferret

    2 sphinx cats need a good home

    Where are you located?
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    Lair Prayers Needed...NOW

    @susi794 Im relatively new here and came across this thread yesterday.... Read the whole thing, rooting for you the entire way! You remind me of my mom, who fought breast cancer with an amazing sense of humor... From sparkly pasties on her gown after her mastectomy to inflatable fish hanging in...
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    Waiting to bring Navi home!

    adorable! i just want to scritch her nose!
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    Looking in MA area

    Hi again! After spending the last couple weeks looking at all the wonderful and amusing pics and stories on here, it has really cemented my love of these creatures! I have been looking at breeders (more to maybe find a retired mom or dad) and realize they arent discussed on here for good...
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    Pretty Ugly Photos- Sphynxlair version (post your photos)

    These are awesome.. i wish i could see the older pics that are gone... I esp like Zuul... though many have had me in tears laughing... as if my coworkers didnt think i was nuts already... I need to go thru my pics of monkeycat!
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    Feel free to jump!

    this is awesome on so many levels!
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    Looking for vet in MA

    My vet is in tewksbury and they were great with Monkey and I believe they have other Sphynx they take care of
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    Looking in MA area

    Hi! We would like to bring a sphynx (or sphynx mix) into our home.. we had a sphynx cross for several years and she was amazing! -See Monkeycat thread in the introductions area- (passed away in 2012) We have had up to 5 cats of varying types in our home at a time and currently have 3 and it...
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    New Bambino Baby

    First, your baby is adorable! and yes, I used to say that I was going to wear a sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket everywhere so Monkey could hang out in the pocket and come with me...