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    Difference between wax & mites

    one of mine ears stay fairly clean he’s pink/red cream and my other one who is white white looks like that every week. is he itching a lot ? shaking head? can’t lay down comfortable? that’s more worrying signs
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    yeast/ringworm/fleas help

    what did the ring worm look like on your kitty ?
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    yeast/ringworm/fleas help

    hello yes everything is gone now it is all about the skin! It was a nightmare and lots of crying but i see the light yes i have them out in the living room and kitchen bc all our rooms are carpet hardwood floor is easier to clean! they been sleeping on couch a lot but i can tell they sad they...
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    yeast/ringworm/fleas help

    hello! i have 2 naked cats and have had them for 4/2 years and never had any health problems or needed to bring them to vet besides first vaccines years ago. I recently adopted a stray kitten who of course had fleas!!! :( which i wasn’t educated on bc my cats never had before. next thing u kno...