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I love cats of all kinds - especially my sphynx!
How many Sphynx I own
  1. I have one female
My Sphynx Names
Miss Demeanor
Nick Names
My Sphynx Birthday
Unknown, adopted August 30th, 2014.
Extra special limited edition Tortie Terror!
My Sphynx Likes
Cuddles, counters, car rides, cat toys, cardboard boxes, and eating foreign objects just to scare me.
My Sphynx favorite toys
The packaging of the toys that I buy her.
Favorite Food
ALL of the foods!
Favorite snack
ALL of the snacks!
Favorite Kitty Litter
The self-serve bin at PetCo.
Favorite Nap Spot
On the stove - but only if the oven is on.
My Sphynx Skills
Human climbing, foreign object-swallowing, levitation, espionage, transient bipedality, seduction of strangers, disassembly of automated feeders, her mouth is an inter-dimensional portal.
My other pets
A wind-up hamster.



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