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    Help! SCABS / rashes on face

    Oooh Gizmo is soooo handsome :Adore:
  2. Maua_Peterbald

    My kitty's $6,000 fur coat!!!

    That`s interesting :ThumbsUp: I wonder if all sphynxes love fur, maybe I`ll rescue one of my grandmas dead foxes she used to hang on her neck in winter (fashion hit in the 50' I guess :LOL:) and give Frodo to play :Laugh:
  3. Maua_Peterbald

    slow growth ?

    My mum was catsitting the other day and first she got scared sth bad happend to Frodo because he didn`t show up for quite a long time so she dragged him from under the blanket, then when he started his stretching yoga she called me and said "you are starving this one-meter-long cat of yours ...
  4. Maua_Peterbald

    I walk in the door to find...this?

    Gorgeous :Adore: Where are his front paws ?:LOL:
  5. Maua_Peterbald

    Hello from Japan

    I need to see more pics of a Japanese cat :Exclamation: I already love his charming personality !
  6. Maua_Peterbald

    Skamp and his two "nackis" from Germany

    Thank You for the info :ThumbsUp: I guess you can post it in the rescue section, I think that many people from europe lurk here so maybe by chance a german sphynx lover will come across this ad.
  7. Maua_Peterbald

    Weirdest pet?

    You`ve got great parents :ThumbsUp: What a good idea, hairless hamster instead of hairless cat :LOL:
  8. Maua_Peterbald

    Skamp and his two "nackis" from Germany

    Welcome to the Lair and greetings from a neigbour :Wink: Another rescue from Germany, I guess I will have to look there for my adopting chance :Hysterical: Good luck with those two !
  9. Maua_Peterbald

    Puking Kitty-Please Help

    Last week Frodo also had vomited the foamy stuff. I found it when I got back home and inspected it carefully for any items, didn`t find anything though. It happened only once so I am not very worried. Let`s hope that the piece of plastic you`ve found was the only one.
  10. Maua_Peterbald

    Hot in the city

    It got really hot in here too, and I also was a little worried about Frodo,especially that I had to leave for two days, but he seems to love the weather. He spends most of the day sitting in the window (screened) and got some tan. But still, he sleeps UNDER the blankets :Hysterical: He has a...
  11. Maua_Peterbald

    The cat shelf is up!

    Wow, they really seem to enjoy it ! I am glad that your project worked so well. I will have some free time soon, so I guess I need to play Bob the Builder :LOL:
  12. Maua_Peterbald

    Candy Cane, My Sweetest Success Story

    Look at that BELLY :Surprise: Good job mum :ThumbsUp: Your determination has really paid off !
  13. Maua_Peterbald

    Please Help. I think she is going to die!

    She could have ingested something that might be stuck now. Vomiting could help in that case. Did you try to feel delicately with your fingers if there isn`t anything odd ? No food and drink may be really dangerous for a kitten so emergency is really needed. Maybe some of your friends know a...
  14. Maua_Peterbald

    Lulu's Litter Photos!

    Sweet frogs :Adore: Congrats !
  15. Maua_Peterbald

    Meow and hello from Germany!

    And now he looks as if he just escaped from Alcatraz :LOL: