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    Changing his heart...

    My husband was a dog person, and allergic to cats when we met 12 years ago. At that time I had 2 cats and I told him that since they predated him in my life, he had to learn to deal. We blended his dog and my cats into one household. When the allergy doctor told him that he had to get rid of...
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    Milo's Latest Pics

    So adorable!
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    Keemos new pet :D

    Gorgeous! I have a Keemo too, a girl one.
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    Rest in Peace my Dear Shiva Dancing

    Rest in Peace, Shiva.
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    my 2 new babies

    So pretty! Congrats!
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    Bogie is home

    So adorable! Congrats!
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    Are Sphynx really that oily?

    Keemo isn't oily as much as dirty. She sleeps next to me and leaves smudges on the sheets. There are dirty smudges on the windowsill where she watches birds. We purposefully bought a dark sofa, so nothing shows on it. She is bathed every 2 weeks.
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    Nail Cleaning

    Baby wipes. Works like a charm!
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    My 1st Sculpey Sphynx

    Love this, looks like Keemo. Would lov eto have one if you ever start making them as a business.
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    Update on Shiva Dancing

    Keemo, the Meezers, the Bully and we hope that Shiva keeps improving!
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    What is you Sphynx doing right now?

    Standing on my chest with her butt in my face (dangerous, I know!)
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    It has been three weeks..

    Not "just a cat" -- pets are family. I've had to put two cats that I loved very much to sleep. It's a tough decision, but you did what was right and humane. Do what you have to do to mourn. Sorry for your loss.
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    Sick of people calling my cat ugly!

    It's funny- everyone who comes into contact with Keemo is fascinated by her: including several repair guys. They just want to touch her to see what she feels like!
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    How do you live?

    My husband and I live just outside of Indianapolis with 3 Siamese, a bulldog and Keemo. We live in a 2500 square foot house that was built in 1947- with the original baseboard heating...so Keemo spends most of the winter hidden under various blankets.
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    The Little Monster (Chloe) says Hello!

    Welcome! She is adorable!