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    Cleo is THROUGH with Home Renovations!

    @Cleopatra Beers that is totally hilarious. Can I say Donald is the same when we travel lol. How dare we move those. Oh and I am in awe of those tiles, absolutely Devine!!!
  2. Rachlp

    Bubba Bear got his angel wings today . Forever and Ever in my soul

    Oh wow, this bought special tears to my eyes. May bubba bear Rest In Peace and know that bubba bear is forever grateful he got to pass so peacefully in the arms completely loved by you and you are absolutely awe inspiring!
  3. Rachlp

    Kitten pictures!

    @shellybean oh wow, your precious girl took my breath away, she is perfect in everyway, her eyes definitely melted my heart. Hope the time goes quickly and she can come home quickly!
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    @yasmine1997 so thrilled for baby Casper, what a little superstar. Come on Donald let’s fix these stools
  5. Rachlp


    @Kenta hello and welcome, it is great to see another baby Donskoy kitten join us. We have little Donald who is also a Donskoy and is from Russia. Kevin is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to chatting with you and helping each other out with our babies!
  6. Rachlp

    Funny Sleeping Pics

    @MomosMom Mo has a great deep dark blue eye colour, simply outstanding and hard to achieve. This was taken just now and after your message I couldn’t not post it just for you ha ha ha. His ears were a little cold whilst he was napping
  7. Rachlp

    Funny Sleeping Pics

    @MomosMom if you don’t mind me saying I would say he is definitely dark enough to be seal point and given the white on his face and paws he would be called a seal point and white or some countries refer to them as a seal point bi colour
  8. Rachlp

    Funny Sleeping Pics

    Oh this thread is my absolute favourite. Mo made me smile, how handsome. and @Cleopatra Beers i would bring Marcus home in a heartbeat lol. Here is our little Donald, I’ll try hold back I promise lol. I’m apologising in advance for Donald overload lol..
  9. Rachlp

    How Does Your Sphynx Cat Fuzz Work

    @Rens oh yes I can see hee hee, is that just adorable, it’s just gorgeous to see how much they all differ. Her nose squished up is just to precious. Donald’s back looks so fuzzy in comparison lol, can’t wait to watch him grow but at the same time I’m like you are already turning six months, it’s...
  10. Rachlp

    Second Sphynx

    @Ailin i can only offer experience from a Persian breeder and registrar and new owner perspective, I have always heard from all other breeders of various breeds that neutered males are more relaxed, I did find this to be the case with my Persians as well. My best friend bred some of the well...
  11. Rachlp

    New kitten, bath aggression

    @Cleopatra Beers i certainly will be very weary and careful that’s for sure. It’s funny because he already comes right up to the shower door when I’m in it, I may not do it permanently because I like to ensure he is dry and happy straight away so by me doing that and not showering with him and...
  12. Rachlp

    Please send prayers and speedy recovery vibes for Sketch a Boo.

    @Yoda mom boo is simply precious. Here is hoping these two weeks go by extremely quickly and Boo is feeling much better in no time. He looks extremely happy for just having surgery. Gee you are certainly one super mum that’s for sure!!!
  13. Rachlp

    Ok, ive done it! It just felt right ❤

    @JessicaRosexo oh wow, your baby is simply breathtaking. I must admit my dream is to now have a tabby sphynx and seeing all of everyone’s extremely handsome babies is making me want another baby to add to our Family already. Bring on the 12th October, not long to go now Congrats on your new...
  14. Rachlp

    Cats can get Covid too

    Oh wow, I did hear about the tigers. We take Donald out only in a closed in carrier for now Anne not on his harness so maybe we will just harness train inside, because we are travelling we have bottles of alcohol in our pockets, attached to his carrier and every grocery or package that comes...
  15. Rachlp

    How Does Your Sphynx Cat Fuzz Work

    @Cleopatra Beers oh wow, yes I see Cleopatras cute fuzzy tail and face, isn’t she just adorable and I hope I age as gracefully lol. I’m thinking the same about Donald he will definitely keep his full tail and face fuzz just unsure about his full fuzz he has developed, I read it should disappear...