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  1. Zahismom1986

    Looking for suggestions

    I have had my Zahi for three years and he has never been a fan of taking a bath but I try to make it as soothing for him as possible. I make sure the bathroom is warm and that I have already ran warm water in the tub. After that, I place him in the tub gently and talk to him all thru the...
  2. Zahismom1986

    Winter Coat

    Zahi is a very "naked" Sphynx with soft down in places on his body but this winter, he has grown fur. The only way I can describe it is a winter coat. The fur is at the base of his tail and both sides of his body. He has also grown some fur around his face. I'm curious if other Sphynx...
  3. Zahismom1986

    Biting and chewing tip of tail

    I have bathed Zahi and then purchased a "cone of shame" but it's more of an inflatable doughnut around his neck. It is made out of a durable material so I like it better than the plastic cone. He is certainly still in the adjustment phase but I think this will allow his tail to heal. Thank...
  4. Zahismom1986

    Biting and chewing tip of tail

    I rescued my male Sphynx three years ago and he has recently began biting, licking, and chewing the tip of his tail. We try to divert his attention, hold the tail out of his way, etc. but he goes right back to this behavior. I plan to bathe him to see if it helps and I have considered buying a...
  5. Zahismom1986

    Hello from Michelle & Zahi

    Hello all! I was lucky enough to be able to adopt/rescue my sphynx from PAWS rescue organization in Murfreesboro, TN. I had been searching the pet adoption websites and found him. He is pink with black spots and just a great guy. He got his name from Zahi Hawass (director of Egyptian...