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Washington D.C
How many Sphynx I own
  1. I have one male
  2. I have one female
My Sphynx Names
Ezren my youngest and Zuri my eldest
My Sphynx Birthday
Ezren 2/28/2020 Zuri 10/01/2018
Ezren is a blue mink elf sphynx and Zuri is a White elf sphynx
My Sphynx Likes
Cuddles and food.. lots of food.
My Sphynx favorite toys
Electric floppy fish!
Favorite Food
Solid Gold Indoor cat pate
Favorite snack
Greenies chicken flavored
Favorite Kitty Litter
Worlds Best Cat Litter
Favorite Nap Spot
In between mama's legs
My Sphynx Skills
Ezren is super vocal and Zuri has super speed lol
My other pets
Veterinary Receptionist