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  1. Silke

    4.5 month old Sphynx sensitive skin tips please :)

    Jezzy actually has recurring mycoplasma. When we tested her, it turned out not to be herpes at all.
  2. Sheldon13

    Feral Chronicles: TNR and Feeding Station

    ...gave him in order to be able to give him an injection of Cefazolin. It’s what I had on hand and the only thing it really doesn’t cover is mycoplasma. I have to do it every 12 hrs for 3 days. If he’s not behaving differently in 24 hrs I will reassess the need for a different antibiotic. Most...
  3. ChelseaKaupp

    Getting desperate - very ill cat with no clear reason why

    ...an awful breeder and had chronic health problems for about a year, which ultimately ended after long term doxycycline to treat suspected mycoplasma (a lot of cats from her cattery have that - some survived and some died). Now our baby girl is ill. Very ill. On December 25th, she refused to...
  4. Cinafina

    Another flare up for Butchie :(

    ...ever since, of trying to figure out what's causing it and what meds might help improve it. He had tests which came back positive for Mycoplasma, but now I think it's probably a virus. I think so because he was on an extended 4 week course of Doxycycline, the main antibiotic used to treat...
  5. Cinafina

    Butchie update

    ...management. Nasal flush +/- endoscopy - There may be another predisposing factor causing Butchie's respiratory signs in addition to Mycoplasma. This could be a tenacious ball of mucus or a nasopharyngeal polyp - both of these are very difficult to see without further imaging and the...
  6. Cinderstar95

    Help with antibiotics question please

    Azithromycin is a decent one that does have atypically coverage. It depends da on the species of mycoplasma but it’s worth a conversation with the vet. One thing of note in people sometimes resistance develops quickly to azithromycin as in like a week or two of treatment. But t may be an option...
  7. Cinafina

    Help with antibiotics question please

    ...that he got really ill whilst on it, I don't think it works! To the best of the vet's knowledge after the PCR test done last year, he has Mycoplasma, and that makes him susceptible to secondary bacterial infections. But we're working from the assumption that his main condition is bacterial...
  8. Cinderstar95

    Help with antibiotics question please

    ...If a ton of cats in your area have staph infections, they will typically treat for staph first, just how therapy goes. you said that mycoplasma came up last year. I dont' know if they treated that successfully or not, but even if they did, its a possibility that he didn't clear it completely...
  9. Cinafina

    Conjunctivitis and URI...(again)

    ...was hoping and thought that was it for this time, but not so sure now. Well, it's probably bacterial if it's a secondary infection to the Mycoplasma (which is also bacterial), although he could have a virus that didn't get picked up on the PCR... Just whenever I notice anything new going on...
  10. Cinafina

    Help with antibiotics question please

    ...at the moment but just finished a week course of Clavaseptin a week ago. He has chronic symptoms of cat flu, and PCR tested positive for Mycoplasma in Sept/Oct 2018, but none of the other 'usual suspects' came up positive. One vet we've seen quite a few times and that got quite involved in...
  11. Cinafina

    Help with antibiotics question please

    Did it work well? Any side effects..?
  12. Cinafina

    Help with antibiotics question please

    ...she was saying that supported her opinion that only Doxy is appropriate. However, there were several other antibiotics listed suitable for Mycoplasma treatment, so I asked her about it. She said any antibiotics other than Doxy would/could have unacceptable side effects, the main one being...
  13. Sheldon13

    Help with antibiotics question please

    I used Enrofloxacin in rats for mycoplasma (respiratory infection). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Silke

    Lysine BAD for cats?!?

    ...aggressive Herpes treatment and, when I had her checked out, and tested! --- in France, it turned out she didn't have herpes at all, but Mycoplasma and an allergy. She was treated with a low level antibiotic, two different eye ointments, Lysine treats, and within 3 weeks her eye was clear. If...
  15. Cinafina

    Still battling URI

    ...sounds pretty much exactly like what my Butchie lives with. As I might have mentioned to you in an earlier thread, he tested positive for Mycoplasma. We tried him on Doxycycline, but to cut a (very) long story short, it didn't work out well at all... He has also been on Clavaseptin but it's...
  16. Cinderstar95

    Coughing , Possible Asthma , Doxycycline Pill? Videos included

    Oo, a zookeeper, that sounds super exciting! I must admit that i'm a tad bit jealous. I'm going into veterinary pharmacy if all things go my way (Fingers crossed) but if that doesn't work i'll still have my pharmD in a year and can work with people. I just think the animal side is so...
  17. ChelseaKaupp

    Coughing , Possible Asthma , Doxycycline Pill? Videos included

    ...practically her whole life, thanks to her shocking breeder. We have hope for this longer course - all the other cats from that cattery had mycoplasma. The ones who unfortunately needed to be euthanized by their owners due to the severity of the illness were all younger than Umami. So she is...
  18. ChelseaKaupp

    Coughing , Possible Asthma , Doxycycline Pill? Videos included

    ...girl, Umami, who has had health issues the whole 9 months we've had her. She was previously on a 10 day course of doxycline to treat mycoplasma, and a cough which may or may not have been related. Unfortunately the cough persisted after treatment so they started her on prednisolone for...
  19. ChelseaKaupp

    Ongoing issues

    ...(same parents but 5 months younger) even had to have his eye removed because it was so severe. All 5 of those cats tested positive for mycoplasma, as well as either herpes or chlamydia. All were successfully treated with a long term course of doxycycline antibiotics. Our first vet...
  20. Silke

    Admitted to hospital...

    I will let you know how Jez responds to her meds, as she has mycoplasma as well.
  21. Cinafina

    Admitted to hospital...

    Yea, very true... can't wait to find that antibiotics! :0: (
  22. Sheldon13

    Admitted to hospital...

    Mycoplasma is notoriously a pain in the but to get rid of. It just takes time and a looong course of antibiotics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  23. Cinafina

    Admitted to hospital...

    ...perform are not always 100% correct by any means, and I keep hearing about false positives/negatives, but I feel quite confident that his Mycoplasma diagnosis was right. He had a sniffle when we picked him up from the breeder, and that will be a year ago 1 April :oops: (wow, time flies). He's...
  24. Cinafina

    Jez had tests

    ...months back for Butchie, and from what I've been told by my vet and read myself, Doycycline is the most common and effective treatment for Mycoplasma. Sadly it didn't work for us (at all!) and we're on a long journey to find the medicine that'll work. I'm curious, did Jez have any other...