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  1. Bed bug

    Bed bug

  2. First Birthday

    First Birthday

  3. Park time!

    Park time!

    Just another day at the park..
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  5. Window Creepin

    Window Creepin

    Window creepin...
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  11. Baby Quin

    Baby Quin

  12. Tree Guardian

    Tree Guardian

  13. Image


  14. Cat Dancer


    This shows off his greenies
  15. Cat Dancer


    I know most of you posted beautiful close ups.... But I thought this was too funny!
  16. Cat Dancer


    Quincy's tail! He matches our bedspread!
  17. Cat Dancer

    Ru's new obsession with water

    Quincy LOVES water too!! Bath time is always a breeze... the only struggle is trying to get him out!:rolleyes: Sometimes when I start to run a bath for myself he just hops right in before I can even get there!
  18. Cat Dancer


    Sphynx cats & their bellies are a few of my favorite things :whistle: @Trisha lovely color & markings! Gorgeous!
  19. Cat Dancer

    Introducing Maximillian von Strange... ETA mid December

    He is just too much!!:happy:! CONGRATS!
  20. Cat Dancer

    Happy Hallowe'en from Molly and Leo

    Too cute! I came so close to buying Quincy a costume .... It's still Not too late :rolleyes:
  21. Cat Dancer


    Quincy's tummy!
  22. Cat Dancer

    Animals just know

    I am so sorry for you loss!!
  23. Cat Dancer

    Sock sweater!

    That looks great... I have always wanted to try that!
  24. Cat Dancer

    Kissing Booth!

    How did u get that last shot??? It's amazing!
  25. Cat Dancer

    miss indecent

    I absolutely LOVE it when they let it ALL hang out!!! Too cute! :joyful: