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  1. Cat Dancer

    My life has totally changed!! & Quincy pics!

    Hello everyone! I have not been as active lately & am super busy with my school semester wrapping up but I wanted to catch you all up. My oh my has my life changed!! I never imagined how much Quincy would impact my life! I don't have any human babies, but feel almost as if I do now. Quincy is my...
  2. Cat Dancer

    Our first trip to the vet...

    So, I took Quincy in for his first visit with his new vet and things could not have gone better. I had no idea what to expect or how he would react... I know he had been to the vet several other times but not with us or without his litter mates. Well, once again he was brilliant! He was so calm...
  3. Cat Dancer


    Hello everyone! So yesterday was the big day & I could not be happier!!! Quincy is the BEST little cat. First of all, he slept almost the entire ride home without even a peep! My boyfriend & I Joked that he was sedated or that he had no voice, he was so good! Next, we got home & my brave little...
  4. Cat Dancer

    Gotcha day is set!!!

    Hello everyone! As many of you probably know I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new & first ever sphynx kitten Quincy! I have gone to visit him twice & am totally in LOVE, or as my boyfriend out it borderline obsessed :love: Now the big day is set and he comes home on Friday...
  5. Cat Dancer

    New cat tree!

    Hi guys! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Saturday. I spent my morning pursuing the local pet stores (think the workers are starting to recognize me) & bought a tree for my little Quincy! The quality was great and it was on sale too...but getting it & my boyfriend to fit into my car was...
  6. Cat Dancer

    Pictures from my visit!!!

    Hi everyone! So I am still beaming from my visit with my little man Quincy. He is growing so fast and is in that adorable, yet mischievous, playful kitten phase. I am TOTALLY in love!! The next time I see him will be my gotcha day in about a month :( hope it goes fast! Anyway, enjoy!
  7. Cat Dancer

    He's growing!!!

    Hi everyone!! So I am still patiently... Or as best as I possibly can be... Waiting to bring my little Quincy home. I am going to visit in two weeks ( YAY!!!) Just received some updated pics.. enjoy :shy:
  8. Cat Dancer


    Hello All, my name is Laura. First of all, I must say that I absolutely LOVE this site! After trolling the forums and reading MANY threads I decided to join this wonderful community. I have always been a cat owner and enthusiast and am about to embark on my new and exciting sphynx journey...