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  1. AnetteMR

    Bloody mucus in stool

    Hi, lairians. Fenrir has been with us for a month now and for a few weeks I finally managed to get his rid of his tummy issues. They both eat the same food, Royal Canin Sphynx and it works great. But today I saw little bit of bloody mucus on top of Fenrir's poop and became worried. I'm thinking...
  2. AnetteMR


    Hi. As you know, over 2 weeks ago we brought home a new sphynx boy. He still has slight diarrhea (it's gotten better and it's from the food I guess.) but that's not what I'm worried about. Mireya hasn't eaten since yesterday, like over 24h ago. And she was always the one who loved food, no...
  3. AnetteMR

    Yesterday was Gotcha-Day!

    Hi, dear lair-family. Yesterday was a big day for our family - we brought home our baby boy Fenrir! As we have a studio apartment, we had to make some arrangements in the bathroom to make it our boy's current place. We put there a litterbox, food, water and some toys. Plus ofcourse a lot of...
  4. AnetteMR

    So we had "THE TALK"...

    I can't hold it in anymore...We decided that we are going to take a friend for Mireya!! We are beyond excited about the decision and I hope that you all are, too. I've spent about 4 months of breeder research and finally found one that I trust. (And I'm just going to visit her, I'm writing from...
  5. AnetteMR

    Cat's little bean toes.

    Hi, lairians! I wanted to share this one with you. Did you know that cats' little bean toes look like teddy bears if you put a face on them? Well, anyway, now you do. :) Anette
  6. AnetteMR

    Little question.

    Hey! My question may sound weird or even stupid but I'm wondering, from what kind of sites (ebay? amazon?..) to you guys order stuff for your sphynx? Food, litter, shampoo etc. I'm asking because I haven't ever ordered stuff like that for Mireya from the internet but it seems cheaper and more...
  7. AnetteMR

    Just uploaded this old video of Mireya!

    Can't get enough of this little purrmachine!!
  8. AnetteMR

    Tomorrow finally getting our Mirr neutered.

    Hello, everyone <3 So FINALLY tomorrow is the day we get our naked girl neutered. Obviously I'm very nervous about sending the little one off to a surgery but as I have read, this is for the best. Best for her health and our nerves, LOL! Tips for aftercare or any kind of advice according to...
  9. AnetteMR

    Mireya's 1st Birthday.

    Hey, everyone! Mireya just got 1 years old on 19th of June. I still can't believe that it's been one year already, I mean, she just popped out of there lol! Anyway, I tried taking some pictures of her. Here she is standing next to her straw-collection! She's really crazy about those things...
  10. AnetteMR

    Needing support and hugs.. again

    Hi, dear friends. <3 I'm sorry I've been gone for some time, but again - I've come back for your support. Our little Mireya needs it. (mommy n daddy too..I'm still in shock) Anyway, the story is that Mireya got vaccinated over a month ago and few weeks ago we started to notice a little lump...
  11. AnetteMR

    Just need some support..I guess

    Hey, lairians. This Friday I probably did the hardest thing in my life. I had to give Sabrina up.:cry: Because these two didn't get along anymore at all! (deep bloody scratches on bodies) :cry: They we're just attacking each other every minute of the day (hard not to bump into each other also...
  12. AnetteMR

    Please help.. Kitten having little white bumps on skin!

    I have no idea if that's an allergic reaction to something or not... if yes, I don't have a clue for what. They seem not itchy at all though. What do you think?!
  13. AnetteMR

    Question about my kitten

    Hey! Mireya is now 3 months and 18 days old and I'm wondering if it's OK for her to STILL be nursing on her momma??? Mom doesn't seem to care at all and she probably would never shoo her away. But mommas nipples are so swollen and look painful... But the kitten just won't stop suckling. She...
  14. AnetteMR

    Tail of our precious missy named Sabrina

    Hey everyone! One day me and my boyfriend decided to adopt a 3-year old sphynx girl named Sabrina. The previous owner told us that she had been in labor about 5 times(in a row, as we later found out). So, she had used Sabrina for money. Also, she promised us her with papers(which ofcourse she...