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  1. Cleopatra Beers

    What are you doing during Covid?

    I understand that you, like many people don’t like to sew. I taught high school sewing, and the number of people who didn’t like it or want to learn was huge. Many of them said it was because someone who wasn’t patient or able to teach them made it so difficult and frustrating, that they never...
  2. Cleopatra Beers

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 4-9-21

    @Catzzzmeow , Patti, I showed your fantastic picture to Bob, and his question was, “What is this dog doing?” It took a bit for him to realize what he was seeing!
  3. Cleopatra Beers

    What are you doing during Covid?

    I love that cat fabric! Raphael is sooo lucky! I am very happy that I was semi-retired when COVID-19 hit. I am a substitute teacher, so when our schools closed last March, I happily went on unemployment, and did not have to teach virtually. This school year, our schools have been open, so I am...
  4. Cleopatra Beers

    How far in advance did breeder inform you of pick up/drop off date (gotcha day)?

    As long as you neuter him by about 6 months, you should not have to worry about spraying and other hormonal behavior. So waiting a month or two after bringing him home wouldn’t hurt. We do have a vet who visits us, so you might want to see if there’s one in your area. Our vet has brought us meds...
  5. Cleopatra Beers

    Blue got a sister!

    What a cutie! Most adult, or near adult cats won’t attack a kitten. They will hiss and growl, maybe hit at the kitten, but won’t hurt them, IF they have someplace to get away. As long as someone can supervise them, I would let them be in the same room and get acquainted fairly quickly. When...
  6. Cleopatra Beers

    Switching houses often with a sphynx cat

    Cats can be very flexible, unless you get one that has health problems. Even then, I have had only two cats since the 1970s that were so neurotic about car rides that we seldom had them travel. As long as you keep food and litter the same between houses, and your baby gets along with any other...
  7. Cleopatra Beers

    Thanks for the help

    Looks a lot like the kind of help that happens around here. Reference my avata; Cleo was helping me make that large tote bag.
  8. Cleopatra Beers

    Are all Sphynx kittens crazy??

    Our two are 7 and 10 years old, and Marcus, the 7 yr old is still crazy. Until he was 3 years old, he wanted to play with his Da Bird toy and my husband for up to 2 hours a night of leaping, running, and pouncing frenzy. Even now, the cats chase each other and Marcus has a campaign of nightly...
  9. Cleopatra Beers

    How far in advance did breeder inform you of pick up/drop off date (gotcha day)?

    Thanks @Catzzzmeow Patti! I’d forgotten about the all-important vet visit. We were able to take Marcus to our vet on the way home from the breeder, and Cleo saw the vet on the Monday after we got her on a Saturday. @starknaked Where we live now, vets haven’t been allowing owners into the...
  10. Cleopatra Beers

    How far in advance did breeder inform you of pick up/drop off date (gotcha day)?

    Marcus’ breeder told us when we put the deposit down that we could get him at 12-14 weeks old. She then called us after his shots and neuter (I know, many people don’t neuter males until 6 months, but this gave the breeder control of the neuter clause in the contract) at 12 weeks and we picked...
  11. Cleopatra Beers


    Being a landlord or short-term host can be so difficult. I hope the next guest(s) you have will be a lot better.
  12. Cleopatra Beers

    Nap time? Count me in.

    Love the cat and guitars!
  13. Cleopatra Beers


    Our next step if the bubble wrap didn’t work would have been euthanasia, because the peeing was so bad, and I just couldn’t give them to anybody, because of the peeing. The bubble wrap worked for 14 years. I would make a new cover every year or so. And, if it gets peed on, it’s pretty easy to...
  14. Cleopatra Beers


    Try covering it with bubble wrap. My vet suggested that as a final effort for a pair of cats we had that kept peeing on our bed. We made a bedspread of bubble wrap, and they only peed when we forgot to put it on. They also loved to sleep on it.
  15. Cleopatra Beers

    For some reason...

    She .just wants you to slow down and enjoy the morning.
  16. Cleopatra Beers

    Leash Training!

    I walk my cats on harnesses, and dog harnesses work well. Be careful, they can slip out of any harness if they’re scared or just don’t want it on. My favorite harnesses are made of fabric or are coats that also keep them warm and some sun off them. And they are cute too! The third picture is...
  17. Cleopatra Beers

    Celebrating Almost Birthdays?? Not!

    We usually don’t do presents for their birthdays, but they will get extra licky treats at some point.
  18. Cleopatra Beers

    Celebrating Almost Birthdays?? Not!

    Marcus, the April Fool, at 7 years old (almost). This is the cat who has harassed Cleo, knocked equipment off not one, but two of my looms, and decided to take himself outside for a walk this weekend. The walk was a fail, because it was colder than he expected, the equipment did not break...
  19. Cleopatra Beers

    So we had our first bath time today....

    We have two bath haters here, and learned very quickly the easiest way for us to get it done. I have a very bad back, so we have a baby bath that sits on the kitchen counter. We fill it so the water is up to their bellies, and fill a couple of plastic pitchers with rinse water. They freak out if...
  20. Cleopatra Beers

    Celebrating Almost Birthdays?? Not!

    I also can’t believe Marcus is seven. He acts like a bratty one-year-old much of the time. But Sphynxies, as I tell people, are different from “normal” cats, and most of the time, we like it.
  21. Cleopatra Beers

    Celebrating Almost Birthdays?? Not!

    So Cleopatra’s birthday is Monday, and she will be a staggering 10 years old! It really does seem like yesterday that she chose me at the Las Vegas Petsmart when she was just 3 months old. Mr. Marcus Antonius Anubis is our April Fool. He was born on April 1, and will be 7 years old on Thursday...
  22. Cleopatra Beers


    Cleopatra snores like crazy! She can be heard two rooms away. And, if we disturb her, we may get cussed at.
  23. Cleopatra Beers

    Just woke up with cat dropping kitten in my hand!!!

    Congratulations! This happened to me when we bred Siamese cats years ago. Our queen would give birth in our bed every time. I hope by now that all the kits are feeding well, and mom is doing well. Many cats will not eat all the placentas, and ours would only eat a couple of them, even though...
  24. Cleopatra Beers

    Sound the Alarm! The Threat is Real!!

    The orange guy is always hanging around. He doesn’t seem at all interested in the birds we feed, but he has begun to hang out with our son on the front porch, while son smokes (). So when he noticed our guys behind the door, he just came on up!