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  1. Cyovez

    Yowling/Box issues

    I had some more questions. Stimpy is not neutered yet, since we're still saving up the money for it. But is it normal for him still to be meowing and yowling non-stop? Is breeding season still in affect? It's mostly only when we are trying to sleep, we have a non-standard sleeping schedule...
  2. Cyovez

    Adult Brown Teeth

    So at last we have our Sphynx family member, and already I have some questions! He is wonderfully affectionate, seems a bit hairer than what I expected though. He goes by Henslee, but I'm thinking we will change this. It is not our style, and I don't think it fits him. We are so excited to...
  3. Cyovez

    Play Wrestling

    I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. Please move it to its proper section if it is miscategorized. This is not directed at just Sphynx, it is cats and dogs in general. We have been wanting to adopt a cat for both a snugly lap cat for us, and as a playmate for our puppy Josci. We have...
  4. Cyovez

    Michigan Kitties?

    Hello, I recently joined because we have been looking for quite some time to adopt a special kitty into our family. We live in the Metro Detroit area (Southgate, MI) and I have had little luck in finding a kitty for us as of yet. We are looking for one close to us that is in need of a forever...
  5. Cyovez

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello, I found your forum via a Search Engine, as we are currently looking to add a feline companion to our family. We are interested in Sphynx, Peterbald, and Oriental cats. We love the elongated faces, huge ears, and dog like personalities! We are hoping to find a rescue or breeder in...