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  1. Catzzzmeow

    New fur(less) baby

    Congratulations. I looked forward to you sharing your beauty with us often.
  2. Catzzzmeow

    Sphynx brother

    Very happy your vet is being cautious since the babies are so young. Vaccinations can be hard on them and being so little, better safe than sorry. Not to mention their immune systems are not fully developed and trying to fight an eye infection.This info will give you all the reasons to get them...
  3. Catzzzmeow

    Cat cough after vaccine

    Awesome. Just wanted to send. Friendly reminder that when he gets neutered be sure to remind your vet not to use Ketamine as the anesthesia. it can be fatal in cats that have an undetected/underlying heart issue and we are seeing more and more heart issues in this breed unfortunately.
  4. Catzzzmeow

    Sleepy Juice

    We see that they can get URIs due to stress of going to their new homes. What meds did your vet give? We see that some antibiotics are not as effective in this breed. One that some end up going on as it covers a broader spectrum is called Doxycycline. Please keep us updated. Positive vibes re sent.
  5. Catzzzmeow

    This May Be Comfortable For Someone....

    The look on that little face cracks me up.
  6. Catzzzmeow

    The numbers game

  7. Catzzzmeow

    Mystery Spots!!

    Glad your vet gave you a peace of mind. Thanks for updating this post.
  8. Catzzzmeow

    The numbers game

  9. Catzzzmeow

    Stormy is at the trainer's now

    Enjoyed your video on FB as well.
  10. Catzzzmeow


    Great updates on your baby and you ! You have to be so excited...I forget when is the supposed due date?
  11. Catzzzmeow

    Question about getting papers from my Breeder.

    Oh geez, what a crazy rollercoaster you have been on. Do you have a contract with this breeder? The papers wont’t really do anything for you at this point. The contract is key to knowing if there might be any recourse. @jenniferm1020
  12. Catzzzmeow

    Toby Love at the vet :( please send positive vibes

    Oh Tammy I am sorry the results did not come back great. Toby is very lucky to have you and that you give your all to the welfare and health of your zoo. Hugs are sent.
  13. Catzzzmeow

    The numbers game

  14. Catzzzmeow

    New Game - Change a Letter

  15. Catzzzmeow

    Which one?

    How exciting. Love the name. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Catzzzmeow


    MCsphynx Is your boy neutered? Often after neutering this improves it is called stud tail. You can apply witch hazel to a cotton ball and rub it. I use exfoliating gloves when bathing which helps too.
  17. Catzzzmeow

    Sunday Pics

    @Natalie Murphy thank you. @Sheldon13 yeah Ochi is quite and thin.
  18. Catzzzmeow

    Which one?

    Hard choice, but luckily you can’t go wrong...they are both adorable.
  19. Catzzzmeow

    Timmy needs get well vibes

    Hoping Timmy feels better Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Catzzzmeow

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day wishes are sent
  21. Catzzzmeow

    Kitty bed time?/too clingy help

    I think I mentioned in another post I hiss at bad behavior when little. That is how their mother cat corrects them. I never sprayed with water. I do have a can of air (the type you use to clean a keyboard) it makes. Good strong hissing sound. You never aim it at them though as it could hurt...
  22. Catzzzmeow

    Toby Love at the vet :( please send positive vibes

    @Yoda mom...those results just can’t come quick enough. What about some beef baby food? Just anything to finger feed him and give a bit of nutrients? Glad to hear he is drinking some.
  23. Catzzzmeow

    Happy 5th Birthday to my wildchild Gunnar

    Woot woot happy birthday you handsome pup.
  24. Catzzzmeow

    Introducing Miss Daisy

    I am so happy to read this update!
  25. Catzzzmeow

    New Game - Change a Letter

    POOP yeah we all know how much poop talk happens on here, so I couldn’t resist LOL