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  1. sharkcastic

    Update on Stitch!

    Although he’s still a bit congested and coughs, Stitch is finally eating all on his own again!! I took him to a different vet yesterday morning, they prescribed him a different antibiotic (Clavamox drops instead of Zydaclin) and an anti-inflammatory and it seemed to help a lot! I’m so relieved...
  2. sharkcastic

    Stitch still not eating :(

    Good news! Runny nose & congestion has eased up. Now Stitch just has a cough, and a bit earlier today he sneezes up a bloody ball of mucus (ew!) Except he hasn’t eaten in nearly 3 days :( Talked to a late-night vet and bought some Royal Canin Recovery wet food, but nothing. Considering forcing...
  3. sharkcastic

    Teeth bleeding?

    While trying to give Stitch his oral medication I believe we keep bumping into his baby teeth and it begins to bleed for a minute or two. Also, a set of baby teeth fell out during the ordeal today. So yay? yikes? Not sure how to feel right now. Can’t wait for him to heal up.
  4. sharkcastic

    Stitch is powering through...

    Poor little peachfuzz :( We bought a humidifier for him and it’s cleared up some of his congestion. Hopefully the worst of it is gone by now! Fingers crossed for only 2-3 more days of the sick. I miss his crazy little self!
  5. sharkcastic

    Sydney is being a great big sister!!

    Poor Stitch hasn’t been feeling well during his first few days with us..... We just changed out his litter (noticed it started an aggressive sneezing fit) and am hoping the antibiotic he was prescribed makes the congestion and runny nose go away. Anyways, he decided to seek comfort in his new...
  6. sharkcastic

    Meet Stitch!

    This is our new, sweet, snuggly boy! I am a first-time sphynx owner. Last night we had our very first bathtime/ear cleaning session and it went fantastic! I’m proud of him for being as calm as he was. Clipping his nails might be a different story... but i’ll cross that bridge when i get to it!