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  1. Bailey21

    My kitten kiwi seems like she’s messing with her litter a little too much .

    Mine often end up with "litter nose" and my one boy always steps in his wet pee and either I find clumps all over the house as it falls off or if I notice I'll wipe his paw off with a paper towel. Sounds like your kitty is just having too much fun with her litter :0
  2. Bailey21

    Help! My sphynx kitten might have a broken foot?

    Personally I would go to the vet if it were my kitty. Better safe than sorry
  3. Bailey21

    What do you use to bath your sphynx shampoo types?

    I use Hylyt. Its soap free and smells wonderful, I get it on Amazon.
  4. Bailey21

    Found this rash...

    Ouch, that looks sore! I agree with previous posters about not using coconut oil. I found using it on my boy actually gave him a rash too. Hopefully someone can get her a vet appt asap for relief
  5. Bailey21

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Toa and Ross !! I hope the crew all spoils their mama today with extra kisses and cuddles :love:
  6. Bailey21

    Prayers for Zolo Bubba Bear

    Thinking of you and your crew, you are the best mom to them! Following for updates after his vet visit.♥️
  7. Bailey21

    Peanut/Almond Butter Fiend

    Mine don't care for peanut butter but if I leave butter out they will lick that! They get into everything :0
  8. Bailey21

    Litter box help needed!

    I agree with having two boxes, I've noticed my girl doesn't like to pee and poop in the same box either.
  9. Bailey21

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 6-4-21

    I've also always wondered what those bumps are. Great fact!
  10. Bailey21

    Claw clipping

    I do as the first commenter mentioned and wrap mine up in a cat blanket. They don't mind the clipping, but miss Raven can get feisty when I'm getting the black gunk off her back paws. Pictured is how she protests, and her brother Finn being a doll in his purrito
  11. Bailey21

    Update on weight journey for Bacchus.

    Honestly he sounds like a normal food loving sphynx to me :0 2/3 of mine are the exact same way and I feel them around the same as you just in raw food not wet. Also, he look so similar to my boy Yoda! I'm just smitten, haha. I would say as long as he doesn't continue to lose weight and become...
  12. Bailey21

    Does anyone NOT feed raw?

    @nikialexander Hi friend!! As you know I do feed raw as I personally feel its the best nutritional option as cats are obligate carnivores in the wild, but my mom @denise irwin (she has Yoda's younger litter mates, and Finn's half sister) only feeds dry food, no wet at all, as well as her...
  13. Bailey21

    Bathing and Creaming

    @pussiette The oil is a personal preference, some like to use it, some don't. @NinaGato Is a groomer who originally recommended to me the argan oil that's made for PETS, we wouldn't be suggesting to use it if it wasn't good to use. Like I said, its personal preference, if someones kitty feels...
  14. Bailey21

    Bathing and Creaming

    I bathe mine every 2-3 weeks usually depending on how dirty they are. Its currently been a month since they're last bath and they're due for one. I use a pet argan oil on them after their bath for moisturization, and it also smells fabulous.
  15. Bailey21

    Hi! New as well

    Welcome fellow Canadian! Your crew is gorgeous {= {=
  16. Bailey21

    Life is good...all paws on deck

    She’s loving life !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Bailey21


    @Gary great news!
  18. Bailey21

    The (so far) week from HELL.

    @Silke the way I see it, it can only get better from here! At least I hope for your sake o_O
  19. Bailey21

    Happy Birthday Henry!

    happy birthday
  20. Bailey21

    Toby Love at the vet :( please send positive vibes

    So happy to read this!!! Go Toby Go!!!!
  21. Bailey21

    Simply Introducing.

    Welcome fellow Canadian! Beerus is so handsome {=
  22. Bailey21

    Bath time?

    The breeder certainly should've been bathing kittens before going to their forever homes to get them somewhat used to the experience. I think my boy had at least 2 before coming home. I never waited until 6 months either, I bath them when they're dirty/oily! I would do what suits best you and...
  23. Bailey21

    Toby Love at the vet :( please send positive vibes

    You might be surprised by the yeast, I thought the same thing about Yoda since he's very picky as well but to my surprise he likes it.
  24. Bailey21

    Selfie Saturday 5.15.21

    @Sheldon13 mine also love to swat the fan cords! Too cute. Babe is a girl. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Bailey21


    Oh I’ll try the nail clippers, never thought of that, thanks! The cutter Costco gave me for free works really well. Unfortunately chewy doesn’t ship to Canada so no luck for me there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk