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  1. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  2. Toa and Ross

    sphynx is sick need help

    Sending positive vibes! I agree with a second opinion. It's a good sign she is full of life. But of course she needs to eat so I would not wait too long for a second opinion.
  3. Toa and Ross

    My kitten kiwi seems like she’s messing with her litter a little too much .

    Kittens love to mess with their litter. When my boys were little they seemed to be dressed in litter:-). In my exeperience it doesn't make a differenve what kind of litter it is
  4. Toa and Ross

    Introducing Kiwi

    Welcome to sphynxlair. Kiwi is gorgeous. And adorable too
  5. Toa and Ross

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 6-18-21

    Fantastic shot of Azura! And great fact
  6. Toa and Ross

    From the garden...

  7. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  8. Toa and Ross

    Cat Egg Chair

    Oh bunmer. Why do our cats never like the good looking fancy stuff we like?;-).
  9. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  10. Toa and Ross

    Happy 11th birthday, Precious!

    Happy 11th birthday Precious! I'm sure you will be spoiled rotten and then even some more since the missed date;-). Precious knows what cushions are fir, to keep 11 year old ladies comfy!
  11. Toa and Ross

    Cat food recall (Possibly EU only)

    Thank for the info!
  12. Toa and Ross

    Introducing adult and kitten

    In my experience gender doesn't matter. It's more about personality's that get along. I can imagine a more "mellow" or relaxed kitten would fit since Alaska is nearly blind
  13. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  14. Toa and Ross

    Help! My sphynx kitten might have a broken foot?

    Great advice given. Sending lots of healing vibes
  15. Toa and Ross

    Litter issues with previously crated cat

    I agree with a vet check to make sure she doesn't have a UTI.
  16. Toa and Ross

    Introducing adult and kitten

    Congrats with your new baby! Most of the time a kitten can blend in the household without to much issues. But I don't have experience with introducing a kitten with a almost blind cat. Hopefully members with experience will chime in
  17. Toa and Ross

    Teeth problems / teeth surgery

    Sending positive vibes!
  18. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  19. Toa and Ross

    Blue bump on sphynx kitten

    Blackheads do tend to look a bit blue when they're on the area around the lip. My boy has a lot of blackheads, black on the chin and tail and blueish on the lip. But good thing to vet till the vet appointment in case it is not a blackhead.
  20. Toa and Ross

    Looking to rescue/adopt a sphynx in Inland Empire area, CA

    Welcome to sphynxlair. Hope members from your area will pm you. Good luck in your search
  21. Toa and Ross

    Meet lavender

    Lavender is a beauty! Happy the force is with you;-)
  22. Toa and Ross

    Yummy yummy apparently!

    Felix should ask Pixie and Livvy for their commercial!
  23. Toa and Ross

    Blue bump on sphynx kitten

    That looks like a blackhead. Did you try to sqeeze it (be gentle cause it can hurt)
  24. Toa and Ross

    Introducing Bowie

    Wow that's a huge progress in such a short time. I once had a cat who was very scared. It took a week before she came from under the bed. And another week before I could pet her a little. Oh man, I think I never had such a huge smile on my face when Lilah finally came sit on my lap. Most people...
  25. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game