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  1. Nic4549

    Hungry Sphynx

    My little Cleo is 9 months old. Still very tiny, but has a huge appetite. She is on prescription food due to a sensitive stomach and will throw up if her stomach becomes too upset. But we find her eating any human food she can find. Her newest trick is to get on the counters and eat whatever...
  2. Nic4549

    Small Sphynx

    My little Cleo is 6 months old and is still very small. She only weights a around 5 pounds. We had lots of trouble with her bowels, at first. Now, she is on prescription cat food and the issue has cleared up completely. Is this normal for a female Sphynx to still be this small at 6 months?
  3. Nic4549

    Diarrhea in my sweet Cleo

    I am having problems with my little Cleo. She has had water like poop for a week. 2 vet visits, 2 rounds of worm meds, probiotics, topical medication for her red bottom, a food change (vet prescription which we did slowly) and now being treated for giardia (after I demanded the vet test her)...