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  1. MollysMom

    Help needed... IBD, diarrhea and weight loss

    https://www.foodfurlife.com/my-cat-has-diarrhea---what-do-i-do.html#/ https://www.foodfurlife.com/my-cat-is-vomiting---what-do-i-do.html#/ Oh my word... poor darling. Read these 2 articles. Go get some slippery elm bark powder and S. Boulardii probiotics. The first helps with vomiting...
  2. MollysMom

    leaving sphynx alone overnight

    It depends on the cat... the longest we leave them is about 8 hours, even when we go away. The cat sitter comes 3x a day. But they also eat raw and eat 3x a day too. I wouldnt leave them more than 12 hours max, and only rarely like that.
  3. MollysMom

    Looking to adopt in Edmonton, Alberta!

    We are in Spruce Grove AB send me a pm if you want @cfallavo
  4. MollysMom

    Fun Fathers Day Idea

    Ordered this for hubby... loved that you can customize the cat type and colour (they actually have sphynx as an option!!)
  5. MollysMom

    Gagging/coughing? Should I see the vet?

    Molly does that coughing and hers is due to acid reflux. Does he puke ever? I would try raising the food dishes to see if it helps. We put her little bowl in an empty flower pot now and it has really helped.
  6. MollysMom

    Window Perch Review - This one is awesome!

    It is a lightweight metal frame.
  7. MollysMom

    Window Perch Review - This one is awesome!

    It is really sturdy, and the top suction cups are the ones that twist on to suction. It says that each of those top twist suction cups can hold 100 lbs. So my 20 lbs worth of kitties are not much of a load haha.
  8. MollysMom

    Window Perch Review - This one is awesome!

    Got this double decker window bed from the local small business pet store today. It was $60 CAD and is so well made and sturdy. Nice soft plush (washable) covers on it that will warm up in the sun... if we ever get any here. The company name and web site is in one of the pics below:
  9. MollysMom

    Nail on claw seems... disfigured? Tender to touch

    Looks like the nail sheds have come off too much and that may be why it is sore. Try soaking it in warm water or cleaning it a little to see what is going on under the (totally normal) nail gunk
  10. MollysMom

    HELP...Afraid our boy is dieing...fingers crossed

    I am so sorry. I cannot imagine the stress and grief of that in addition to everything else going on right now. Be kind to yourself, it is a real loss and grief is different for everyone.
  11. MollysMom

    Ikea Sells a Sphynx Brush

    No, they are stiff bristles but the ends are actually pretty soft. Like if you brush it on your arm, it doesn't hurt at all. My 2 just LOVE rubbing themselves on hubby's beard scruff, which is where I got the idea.
  12. MollysMom

    Ikea Sells a Sphynx Brush

    Lucky... I will have to go to the liquor store and stock up this weekend. We did a good run 2 weeks ago, but cocktail hour has been starting early here. I misjudged my amounts
  13. MollysMom

    Ikea Sells a Sphynx Brush

    Anybody else use this brush on their sphynx?? Haha don't worry, we have a separate one for the dishes. (Don't mind the booze in the background.... self-isolation and all)
  14. MollysMom

    Curtain climbing and how to prevent it - Help please!

    I had to sacrifice and never buy anything fabric with a loosely woven texture that they can get claws into. Things like 100% cotton that is tight woven, or microfiber or leather textured they are fine with. Anything that is like a tweed or linen and I can expect to have it clawed. Might have...
  15. MollysMom

    ⁹We are the Coldest Place on Earth Tmrw

    We made it through. The school buses were cancelled for a whole week (but schools remained open). It was as low as -47 celcius with the windchill I think. I have a special parka and big sorel boots that come out a few days a year when this happens. Kitties would run away any time the front...
  16. MollysMom

    Help please my little one is going black all under her belly

    Did they do a skin scraping and look at yeast as a cause? Molly gets dark patches like that which I swear are yeast/ fungal. When I use the special shampoo and hypochlorous spray they clear up.
  17. MollysMom

    Canned food recommendations for my 2 Sphynx kittens?

    Sigh... sphynx are much more likely to have runny poop than other cats (in case you are new to this). Depending on their gut, you may *always* have issues with them and runny stool. We have had good luck feeding the BFF brand in cans (grain free), although lots of it has fish in it. I mix it...
  18. MollysMom

    ⁹We are the Coldest Place on Earth Tmrw

    We do -40 a few times a year, but have never been this cold lol. I am curious to see how bad it is going to be.
  19. MollysMom

    General question regarding re-homing

    @Rajandlizzie We looked at rehoming a sphynx nearby to us. We went and spent a good 30 minutes just hanging out and chatting at their house. In the end, they decided to keep the little guy. But ask them to visit you, you visit them. Look for people who are able to provide whatever it is that...
  20. MollysMom

    ⁹We are the Coldest Place on Earth Tmrw

    Wish us luck! Looking at lows of -55 degrees Celcius (or -67 degrees Farenheit) tmrw with the windchill. I am guessing kitties won't be laying in the windows. Glad they have each other and a ton of blankets to keep warm. Gotta love living on the Canadian prairies!
  21. MollysMom

    Help .... Vomiting & Not Eating!

    Look up IBD. Inflammatory Bowel Disease. My molly has it. She started out having vomiting spells and diarrhea. They can diagnose via ultrasound or biopsy.
  22. MollysMom

    Are there disorders related to a cat being undersized? (further explanation in thread)

    With the exception of dwarfism (shortened limbs) like a munchkin cat, I would think that some are just smaller than others.
  23. MollysMom

    Let's see your nakid Halloween costume pics Past and Present

    Just got their costumes on here for the annual 5 minutes. Molly is likes them because they are warm, and Leo won't sit still in his.
  24. MollysMom

    Let's see your nakid Halloween costume pics Past and Present

    From a few years ago... this never gets old! Petsmart had Halloween photos and we took Molly:
  25. MollysMom

    Cats spooked after Vandelism

    We had a couple of horrible incidents like this in the last few years... no idea what spooked them, but came home after a short time of being away to the 2 hissing and growling and attacking each other. We tried to separate them for 2 weeks, feliway, swap scents, gradually reintroduce, blah...