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  1. MollysMom

    Fun Fathers Day Idea

    Ordered this for hubby... loved that you can customize the cat type and colour (they actually have sphynx as an option!!)
  2. MollysMom

    Window Perch Review - This one is awesome!

    Got this double decker window bed from the local small business pet store today. It was $60 CAD and is so well made and sturdy. Nice soft plush (washable) covers on it that will warm up in the sun... if we ever get any here. The company name and web site is in one of the pics below:
  3. MollysMom

    Ikea Sells a Sphynx Brush

    Anybody else use this brush on their sphynx?? Haha don't worry, we have a separate one for the dishes. (Don't mind the booze in the background.... self-isolation and all)
  4. MollysMom

    ⁹We are the Coldest Place on Earth Tmrw

    Wish us luck! Looking at lows of -55 degrees Celcius (or -67 degrees Farenheit) tmrw with the windchill. I am guessing kitties won't be laying in the windows. Glad they have each other and a ton of blankets to keep warm. Gotta love living on the Canadian prairies!
  5. MollysMom

    Cat-eye glasses = Cat eyeglasses

    Molly was laying on the couch and I put my glasses on her... she stayed still long enough for me to snap this pic. And yes, those are cat curtains in my living room.
  6. MollysMom

    Tips for Dental Work

    Hey All, We just got Leo's teeth done at the vet. He is almost 6 years old and has had kind of not great teeth since he was a kitten. He had REALLY thick bad plaque on his 2 big upper back teeth. They rest were dirty but not as bad. It went WAY better than I thought it was going to. We...
  7. MollysMom

    A present under the tree already

    Leo was trying to act casual and blend in: (Relax, in Canada we already had Thanksgiving so after Remembrance day, the tree goes up!)
  8. MollysMom

    Spontaneous a*al gland expressing??

    Anal gland question... twice in the last week this has happened. After (I believe) she has had a poop upstairs, Molly comes to see me. I lifted her tail up to see if she had a dirty butt, and her anal glands spontaneously expressed out (a decent amount). And I was only touching her tail. As...
  9. MollysMom

    Lump on Underside of Tail?

    Ack, just wanted to check if anyone had seen a tail injury like this? Molly has a lump (about a nickel-width) on the underside of her tail, about halfway down? She can still hold it up and swing it around like normal, no bruising or redness. I have no idea how she might have injured it, or...
  10. MollysMom

    Lair Prayers for this baby in Calgary, Alberta

    Warning: the link contains photos of a sphynx with burns This damn vet used a HAIR DRYER to keep a sphynx warm during a sedated dental. Cat reportedly receives 3rd-degree burns at Calgary animal hospital If the owner is on here, lots of hugs and prayers that your baby gets better soon! And...
  11. MollysMom

    When your sphynx gets a pet

    So I found the coolest 4 gallon aquarium for $50 (including everything). Naturally I bought it and a betta fish. For the kitties. This is Edgar: Molly and Leo love watching his little tank on a low table next to their cat tree: Or even on his little table: Anybody else have fish? How do...
  12. MollysMom

    Things you yell at your Sphynx...

    I just got to thinking, what are some things that everyone says to/ yells at their sphynx? Commonly used phrases? In our house: To Molly: "I am embarassed for you", and/or "Figure out your life" (she oftens hangs her rear over the side of the box and drops her poop over the edge) To Leo...
  13. MollysMom

    Who else has one that only does gross things to you???

    Molly has a sneaky little habit of emitting gas under the blanket, then making her little cries for attention. I lift up the blanket, put my face in to give her a nuzzle and... OH THE HUMANITY!! She has a stinky surprise waiting for me. My husband claims that he has never seen her do this...
  14. MollysMom

    Aarrrgh IBD Flare Up

    So Molly has not had an IBD flare up in probably at least 6 months. She started last week, first vomiting then diarrhea. We went out last night (watching the final Tragically Hip concert) and so I spent most of the day horizontal and recovering. Every time princess had diarrhea, she came down...
  15. MollysMom

    The Ultimate Poop Pic (Chart to grade poop by)

    I feel like we need a section just titled "POOP" here. Anyways, I came across this on my IBD facebook page... apparently poop #2 is "ideal".
  16. MollysMom

    She isn't sleeping anymore... (which means I am not either)

    Ever since we got back from a 10-day vacation last week, Molly has decided that it is payback time. The sitter came and saw them 3x a day, but apparently that wasn't good enough for her. She normally got tucked in around 10:30 pm and slept through for the night. Now she will only lay in one...
  17. MollysMom

    Greetings from the cuddle cave (or, everything is good now!)

    Yaaaay! I left a couple of times today for a short period (couple hours) and both times these two were totally fine. I put them in the cave together this morning and they laid together for about an hour. So glad that things are on the upswing (for those unaware, we have been trying to reunite...
  18. MollysMom

    We left for a few hours and they hate each other now... happened to anyone else??

    Hubby and I went for a couple hours to run errands... typical Saturday. We got home, and Leo wasn't waiting for us... which was odd. Molly saw herself in the mirror and startled snarling and hissing. Leo came down stairs and was howling and hissing and snarling too as soon as he saw her...
  19. MollysMom

    Does anyone here use Freshpet food?

    We have tried to change proteins for my guys, with little to no success. I picked up a bag of the Freshpet Chicken and Whitefish from Petsmart (in the fridge section) for my guys on a whim. They are eating it and doing really well on it. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it or anything...
  20. MollysMom

    Anyone in Edmonton AB area want some free U-Stew powder to try?

    We ordered it from the makers of Better in the Raw, and it is upsetting Molly's IBD (it has digestive enzymes added to it). There is still a ton of powder left, just opened the bag last week. Anyone want it to try feeding their guys? I would hate to throw it out.
  21. MollysMom

    "I dunno who killed dis birdie..."

    This is what I found when I got home today. Leo murdered da bird. Bad Leo, and bad daddy for not putting it away!!!! I swear we go through at least one a month here. I need to be a part owner in that company.
  22. MollysMom

    Fantastic Deal at Petsmart on Catty Stacks House!!!

    Just wanted to share this in case anyone wants a really good cheap cat tower... they are clearing out catty stacks cardboard modular towers at Petsmart. I think they were reg. $40, now $7!! We bought them for our kitties and I am amazed how sturdy they are, the cardboard is double corrugated.
  23. MollysMom

    Sphynx Pumpkin Stencil

    Thought I would share for any other Hallowe'en nuts! I found this online... thought I would share it here. I am totally trying it this year!
  24. MollysMom

    Has anyone ever fostered for rescues?

    I am getting major kitten fever here, but I know that a permanent addition to our home is not practical. I am wondering about fostering for rescues... has anyone ever done it? Any words of advice or caution? I have the time and space to set up home for a little one temporarily. I just don't...
  25. MollysMom

    Argghhhh I need advice pls!

    So my good friend is getting married June 18th in Las Vegas. We met about 18 months ago, along with another lady in a meetup group. The three of us a really good friends, and see each other about 3x a week. She got engaged last June, and picked her 3 bridesmaids (friends of hers) and maid...