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  1. mercurysmile

    kittens nursing each other?

    On to the never ending odyssey of sphynx cat questions.... Our babies came home, they are 14 weeks now, so they've been weened for a while I think.... We just got them friday night, and we;ve noticed they have been nursing each other. We have a boy and a girl (pic below) the boy is much...
  2. mercurysmile

    I'm Back!

    I wanted to thank everyone here for being around when Walter got sick and we had to put him down a few months back. It was gut wrenching, but it was great to have this community to turn to. I just wanted to say that the breeder really stepped up- she felt horrible about it all. It turned out...
  3. mercurysmile

    maybe I'm paranoid, but could it be FIP???

    We took walter to the vet on saturday, about him being dis interested and basically sleeping 23.5 hours a day. I thought he was depressed or something... he's only 7 months old, and this started about 3 weeks ago- 1 week after getting neutered. They did a general check up, and said he looked...
  4. mercurysmile

    lost energy? moody teenager? depressed?

    Hi all again! I've never had a kitten before, so please bear with me (all my previous cats were from spca and already adults) Walter, when we got him was full of beans! super curious, and energetic. He slept a lot, but he also played at least a few hours a day. He's now about 7 months...
  5. mercurysmile

    eating "world's best litter"?

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanks to all who hang out here, it's a great resource for all those scary and ponder-some events in a little sphynx's life! Our little walter is doing well in general, we've had him for about 6 weeks now, and mostly he's been normal. But a few days ago, I noticed he...
  6. mercurysmile

    Hairless cat getting hairrier?

    Hi! We just got Walter, our Don-Sphynx a few weeks ago. He is now about 25 weeks old. Since we got him, he seems to be getting fuzzier. The breeder said he was born bald, and when we picked him up he had some wiry hairs about 1/2 - 3/4 inch covering his tail, and back ( I call them "old man...