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  1. Oogledorf

    Blackheads on tail?

    My boy has some missing hair and ‘blackheads’ on his tail. (He’s a munchkin Sphynx mix so he’s got a fluffy tail and fluffy paws.) I just rubbed him down good with coconut oil and massaged his tail for about 15 minutes to see if I could get them to pop out, no luck. Is this stud tail? We’ve...
  2. Oogledorf

    Sucking on her brother

    I’ve had my babies for 2 weeks now. They are 4 months old, from the same litter, so they are brother and sister. I’ve noticed on 3 separate occasions, my girl will start sucking on her brother, in almost a nursing fashion. It’s on his stomach area. It’s not a traditional licking or cleaning...
  3. Oogledorf

    Bath time

    We had our first bath time and honestly, it went pretty well. I’d give the entire experience a 7/10. Except I didn’t get a chance to cut my girls nails, so gunna have to try That again. Is it bad if a do a paw a night? These were post bath time when they wanted nothing to do with me [emoji23]...
  4. Oogledorf

    New cat mom and new nakkies

    Hi all! I am new here, a new cat mom, and have 2 new nakkie kitties (with tiny legs!!) Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated as I am learning everything on the fly. I have a vet appointment for them in 2 weeks (earliest I can get them in with all the quarantine animals). They are just...