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  1. Annejo12


    @Yoda mom are you kidding (lol) she runs this house and goes wherever she wants. I even put a blanket on my coffee table for her! Sometimes I think she is trying to communicate with me! I know, crazy cat lady!
  2. Annejo12


    Sometimes Raphael sits on my coffee table and just looks at me. If I try to touch her she takes off. Sometimes we do the slow blink with each other, other times we just look and smile. Any idea why?
  3. Annejo12

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 9-17-21

    My son adopted an older cat from the shelter. That cat had such bad teeth that most of them had to be removed. I’m not sure if it was cavities. Poor thing ate smushed up wet food for the rest of his life! Good old Andy, really loved, may he RIP.
  4. Annejo12

    Ellie~the most beautiful soul

    These anniversaries are just as tough as the day. Sending you positive thoughts.
  5. Annejo12

    Our mailman took a selfie with Ochi

    It really is cute! That’s a cool idea that your mailman is doing. Especially these days when there seems to be so much negativity in our world.
  6. Annejo12

    Happy Birthday Sheldon13

    Happiest of days to you! Eat lots of cake!
  7. Annejo12

    Thank you for all the wonderful information

    Sorry you lost your kitty. Looking forward to when another one finds you and you post pictures.
  8. Annejo12

    Pooh! And not Winnie

    I have not had to clean carpets at 4:30 a.m. And my kitty has never stepped in it and tracked it around. But she does poop outside her litter box if I don’t clean it every day!
  9. Annejo12

    ***** members ** Please do not PM , send money or respond to the many recent ads for sphynx, bengal and puppies by a new member

    Should we report it if we come across more? I reported one I saw.
  10. Annejo12

    Sunday Pics

    Thank you! I agree, her eyes are beautiful!
  11. Annejo12

    Sunday Pics

    My baby enjoying a Sunday afternoon!
  12. Annejo12

    Bruising from bloodwork

    Looks nasty but glad the bloodwork came back fine.
  13. Annejo12

    People Food that are great treats and safe for our sphynx babies to eat

    I don’t purposefully feed my kitty people food. She quite often likes to smell whatever I am preparing. She has had the odd sample of cheese and whipped cream. But really not enough to say it regularly happens.
  14. Annejo12

    Does your sphynx kitten have a favourite human or loves everyone and anyone

    Raphael prefers me in the morning. In the afternoon she is all over my husband and in the evening she prefers me again. My husband is quite allergic to her so he discourages her when he can. She is pretty persistent so he tolerates her. I think if she had her choice she would prefer him so...
  15. Annejo12

    Pooh! And not Winnie

    My kitty litter is in the basement in my laundry room. My husband has his hobby in the basement. Coincidence or what…..every time my husband goes downstairs to work on his hobby, Raphael goes downstairs and takes a Pooh! Not sure about your kitties but that smell wafting out from the laundry...
  16. Annejo12

    Sleeping babies

    Lucky mom! My favourite time of day is when I drink my morning coffee and Raphael lays on me looking out the window. Then she will curl up and fall asleep. When I need to get up I just slide out from under her and she continues sleeping. Lucky me my husband brings me my two cups of coffee...
  17. Annejo12

    Creatures of habit

    That’s so cute! It looks pretty big to be dragging around!
  18. Annejo12

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 9-10-21

    My crazy Raphael takes a dental dry nugget in her mouth, shakes her head, then puts it on the floor to eat it. Luckily she leaves her wet in the bowl. She won’t eat her high fibre dry if it is in a bowl so I leave it in a pile on the floor. My granddaughter thinks this is great because she...
  19. Annejo12


    Thanks for asking, she is back to normal. No problems.
  20. Annejo12

    Sunday Pics

    One more…..enjoying the sun on this holiday Monday in Canada. Labour Day weekend.
  21. Annejo12

    Sunday Pics

    I love your kitties and Ochi doesn’t look grouchy, he just looks serious!
  22. Annejo12

    Sunday Pics

    Raphael looking for a fly that flew in behind the blinds.
  23. Annejo12

    Mum Says We’re So Weird!

    Now that is the life! I would lay in the sun on the floor too if I was tired of looking for lizards!
  24. Annejo12

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 9-3-21

    I have never found Raphael in small, strange places, but she sure can bend her back down so her stomach almost touches the ground when she doesn’t want me to pet her! They are pretty bendy animals!
  25. Annejo12

    Toby unsettled at bedtime Since Yoda got his angel wings :(

    I don’t have experience with this but my heart aches for you. Would changing your bedtime routine help or would that cause too much stress on them? Hugs to you.