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  1. Rachlp

    Help Deciding Color?

    @Catzzzmeow oh yes look at him, you can definitely see the difference here cant you, his nose pad and points so much lighter, yes in comparison definitely would agree with seal, it’s so exciting to see the rarer colours coming out in the sphynx, I’m only use to seeing chocolate and lilac in...
  2. Rachlp

    L-Lysine for Sphynx Cats

    That is a huge help, thank you. Well little Donald turns 6 months on the 4th October so we will wait until then and try upping the dosage and see how it works. Thank you so very much
  3. Rachlp

    Happy 9th Birthday Jouët

    Happy Belated Birthday, what an absolute stunning looking birthday girl you have.
  4. Rachlp

    Sephie’s Halloween Costume

    Oh that is absolutely Devine. I wish Donald ate like that he eats a few, walks away, comes back, repeat lol
  5. Rachlp

    Taking a nap on my lap

    Oh hope you are healing well, in the meantime enjoy those cuddles. I admit I have to have a heated blanket as my family likes the cold Donald has just learnt that sherpa and heat along with the RV front window sun rocks :)
  6. Rachlp

    MY NEW Thingie!!!!! By Cleopatra

    I need to get one of these for Donald for sure! How stunning are your precious Cleo and Marcus
  7. Rachlp

    L-Lysine for Sphynx Cats

    Hi Everyone, I have emailed the vet but have yet to receive a reply, so I wanted to know do any of you use lysine for your sphynx kitten and if so what dosage is safe for a 6 month old kitten? I will continue to Google this but would love to hear from some experienced sphynx owners. Thank you...
  8. Rachlp

    Now owned by a sphynx and could not feel anymore in love

    Hi everyone, We have been travelling the US and for all those that wanted to see how Donald travels in the RV, get ready for a Donald overload. First image is Donald getting use to his harness Next is from the outside of the RV -Donald doing what he does best lol. Travelling in the front seat...
  9. Rachlp

    Red, Cinnamon Or Fawn

    Hi guys, Rather than write it out myself and try to explain it, this is a rather great explanation of how cat genetics work, it’s absolutely awesome and fascinating and this is what made me become a registrar many years ago, unfortunately I’m starting to forget some of it now but take a read of...
  10. Rachlp

    New to Sphynxlair!

    @barepaws welcome to this amazing community. We are an Australian Family touring USA, Mexico and hoping to head your way into Canada also. Could you tell us your thoughts of the similarities and differences from your Canadian sphynx and Donskoy. I would love to get our little Donald a friend...
  11. Rachlp

    Help Deciding Color?

    @MomosMom well if his dad was a visual chocolate and his mum carried the chocolate gene he certainly could be a chocolate, if his mum didn’t he would definitely be seal. It’s a lot harder with sphynx because of the lack of hair but we use to tell by how dark their nose and paw pads were, as the...
  12. Rachlp

    How Does Your Sphynx Cat Fuzz Work

    Thank you for the article @Catzzzmeow ill be sure to read that right away. I’ve been doing a bit more research as I’m learning that Russian Spyhnx - which is technically called the Donskoy has a different coat structure as the hairless gene is a different gene mutation between the Russian and...
  13. Rachlp

    How Does Your Sphynx Cat Fuzz Work

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion and experiences about your sphynx babies hair or fuzz as I call it. Donald seemed to have barely any and now he is developing more fuzz everyday and I just wanted to know do they develop fuzz during different seasons or for different reasons...
  14. Rachlp

    Small amount of blood in stool

    Hi @SashimisMom We recently went through a similar issue with our Donald who is turning 6 months old, first we noticed he was vomiting up dry food, then we noticed his pee was dark brown and then lastly we noticed blood in his stool once and his poops were sloppy mixed with some solid. We...
  15. Rachlp

    Help Deciding Color?

    @MomosMom its very hard to tell from the pics, he is definitely classed as a point due the colour on his points and blue eyes so he is a bi colour point. He can’t be chocolate and seal at the same time, as the chocolate is a genetic mutation of the seal point, however based on so the pics he...
  16. Rachlp

    A small dent on his head

    My little Donald is turning 6 months and we noticed this considerably considering he is smaller for his age but we have noticed this getting smaller as he has grown. When I use to breed Persian cats many years ago, this was extremely common to see given they were born with large heads (for...
  17. Rachlp

    Misty Lee loveable comedian intro

    @Misty Lee 123 what an absolute character carrying around things that are bigger than her ha ha, wow I’m not use to seeing a 1 year old, she is absolutely stunning and so big, Donald is just about to turn 6 months and is tiny in comparison, I’ll send you a pic next to my hand so you can see...
  18. Rachlp

    Misty Lee loveable comedian intro

    Hi @Misty Lee 123 Welcome, I too am new to being owned by a sphynx and had to laugh at Misty Lee, I hope our little Donald shows us some magic tricks. Having been a pedigree registrar for a cat association back in Australia and with my research into cat genetics and speaking to various...
  19. Rachlp

    Best External & Internal Parasite Treatment

    Hi everyone, Given our sphynx babies can be extremely sensitive with their skin and their feeding, I was hoping to gather some of your experiences about what you consider the best treatment for both internal and external parasites, as well as ear mites. Whilst our little Donald was done for...
  20. Rachlp

    Sunday Pics

    @pussiette sure, let me check it out and definitely let you know, glad to have someone to chat about this with as unfortunately my husband is non supportive when it comes to any of this and tells me to deal with it on my own. So for sure, let me reply to our other thread shortly
  21. Rachlp

    Sunday Pics

    @pussiette can I ask of any breeders in AUS you could recommend that I take a look at their websites?
  22. Rachlp

    Does your sphynx kitten have a favourite human or loves everyone and anyone

    Hi @pussiette You are right in that it use to be quite an ideal to import a cat, many years ago I knew a breeder that had a Persian in quarantine for nearly 6 months and a friend who imported from Norway and had 3 months, nowadays it is a lot more simplified, the quarantine depends on the...
  23. Rachlp

    Happy Birthday Sheldon13

    @Sheldon13 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you enjoyed your special day just as you deserve!
  24. Rachlp

    Tricks to train our beasties

    @Cleopatra Beers oh that is such a shame, it was so much harder to keep back ups then too wasn’t it, well that’s I’ll YouTube and still take a look at what is on there just to take a peak. I was the same when I use to breed Persians in my 20’s, I got a virus and lost all pics and now only have...
  25. Rachlp

    Does your sphynx kitten have a favourite human or loves everyone and anyone

    @pussiette We are very conscious about Donald when travelling so will not leave the RV parked anywhere there could possibly be a break in, like try to avoid parking in car parks etc, only supervised RV parks, also we have constant power and if not we leave the generator running, we are lucky...