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  1. Rain

    Eye booger stain

    its crazy how delicate Sphynx are, totally worth it though.
  2. Rain

    My cat ate chocolate

    This is the story of when my cat ate chocolate. I was having a double chocolate cheesecake, I was watching tv and when I realized Rain had been licking the dark chocolate mouse. We were freaked, he was normal just very very hyperactive. As first time Sphynx parents we shoot diy saline water in...
  3. Rain

    Eye booger stain

    Thank you! Took him to the vet turns out he is allergic to chicken (We were feeding him animal instincts 100% chicken) now we are feeding him hydrolyzed protein from royal canin and not only does he love it but his eye boogers disappeared!!
  4. Rain

    Eye booger stain

    hello, We have a pink Sphynx named rain Lately he’s been getting big eye boogers, this morning his face was stained! It was bath day today and not even the bath removed his stains :( how should I clean him?
  5. Rain

    New Sphynx parents

    Hello! My name is Ana and I’m a new Sphynx mom his name is Rain! We are happy to be here :)