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  1. Adam

    Looking to adopt in Virginia

    We currently have a 7 year old Sphynx Winnie (pictures attached) that we got from a rehome through here almost 2 years ago and we are looking to get her a siblinging to add to our growing Family. We would love any recommendations from the DC, Maryland or Virginia area for breeders or a...
  2. Adam

    Second Naked

    Hey all! So a couple months ago we adopted our first wonderful naked from here. Winnie is 6 years old and she immediately found her place in our home and now we can't imagine how we ever got by without our. Me and my partner leave her alone for maybe a total 5 hours throughout the workday...
  3. Adam

    Winnie Update

    Winnie has adapted amazingly to her new home with us. She has been running around the apartment chasing faeries and has no problems telling us when we aren't loving on her enough. I have a video of her chasing her tail I have to post shortly. Winnie had her first vet visit with us last night...
  4. Adam

    Gotcha day is so close!

    This time Sunday we will be welcoming Winnie into our hearts and home! She is being adopted from a another member on here and we BEYOND excited! I have been following this site for a while and this has been a long journey but we finally have our first naked baby! I will be sure to post lots...
  5. Adam

    Scratching Furniture Solutions

    If all goes well we will be taking home our first Sphynx this weekend(yay!) Her previous owner says she does have a habit of scratching furniture, she says that she uses sticky paws right now and it seems to work. We aren't really concerned about most of our furniture except for our dining room...
  6. Adam

    Verify CFA and TICA Registration?

    We are looking at a couple breeders and we are wondering if anyone knows of a way to verify CFA and TICA Registration online We are looking at the CFA & TICA websites but do not see any kind of directory
  7. Adam

    Looking to adopt in the DC Area

    Hello all, Me and my partner are still looking to provide a naked with a forever home. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and are more than willing to travel to provide a good home. We are a child and smoke-free home that doesn't have any other pets. We both have fairly flexible work schedules so...
  8. Adam

    Travel/Rehoming Tips

    We are looking to hopefully take a new kitty soon. We would love any tips to make their trip/transition to our home any less stressful. Please and thank you!
  9. Adam

    ISO of a naked looking for a new forever home

    Hello all, Me and my partner are looking to provide a naked with a forever home. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and are more then willing to travel to provide a good home. We would MUCH prefer to adopt then to buy from a breeder, which is what brought us to your forums. We are a child and...