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  1. ThackerySphynx

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada

    Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Rumplestiltskin


    Our baby man.
  3. Toe beans and snuggles

    Toe beans and snuggles

  4. Keep holding my hand

    Keep holding my hand

  5. Curiouser and Curiouser

    Curiouser and Curiouser

  6. Mom, boop my nose please

    Mom, boop my nose please

  7. Assume the fetal position

    Assume the fetal position

  8. My general giant

    My general giant

  9. Bedtime


  10. Casual Friday

    Casual Friday

  11. Curled up

    Curled up

  12. My fluffy Brother

    My fluffy Brother

  13. Watching cat tv

    Watching cat tv

  14. Enough pictures.

    Enough pictures.

  15. My favourite nap buddy

    My favourite nap buddy

  16. When’s my bath

    When’s my bath

  17. My modeling shot

    My modeling shot

  18. Me and sister

    Me and sister

  19. Golden hour sun patch

    Golden hour sun patch

  20. Selfie with my mom

    Selfie with my mom

  21. Chillen


  22. Lazy Sunday stretch

    Lazy Sunday stretch

  23. Playing in a persona waterfall

    Playing in a persona waterfall

  24. Black and white stretch

    Black and white stretch

  25. ThackerySphynx

    Happy 17th birthday!

    Happy birthday! 17 is definitely worth celebrating