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  1. Erica Winters

    Experienced Sphynx Owner Looking To Adopt

    Hi All! I am an experienced Sphynx owner looking to adopt one to two more adorable Sphynx babies. I currently have three that I rescued from different sources and have provided them with the best life they can imagine (they have their own bedroom for christ sakes haha). Two of the three I have...
  2. Erica Winters

    Looking to adopt in Vista, CA

    Hi All! I currently have two loving sphynx cats, 1 male and 1 female, and I am looking to expand my hairless family. My female came from a very abusive home and was extremely uncared for and unloving when I got her, and I have spent the past 2 years of her life rehabilitating her and making...
  3. Erica Winters

    Ear Infection Just Won't Go Away!

    Hi all! My poor baby Jeffrey has an ear infection in his right ear :( I've taken him to the vet and they cleaned it out really well and gave me drops to put in his ear twice a day. I followed the instructions and gave him his drops morning and night for ten days as instructed, and my boyfriend...
  4. Erica Winters

    New mommy, what do I feed my baby??

    Hello all! I recently became a new Sphynx mommy yesterday and I am so happy! Jeffrey is the perfect addition to my life and he is getting more love than he can handle. So my question is: I am very confused with what I should be feeding him. I have a bag of dry food that his previous owner gave...
  5. Erica Winters

    Looking for a new nakey baby in California!

    Hello! I am in Southern California, and I would like to either foster one for a while, or I would like to adopt one from a family who has to re-home theirs. The reason I do not want to go to a breeder or get put on a list to get a kitten is because I feel that there are so many babies that need...