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  1. Rens

    cold and whiny

    Hello everyone. Now that it's getting colder, our girl Saoirse seems to become more and more whiny. she'll walk around meowing and whining, and will eventually come and sit on your lap or settle down once I give her a warm place. (she got plenty of beds and blankets to wrap up in.) But after a...
  2. Rens

    is sunbathing inside ok for a sphynx?

    I tried searching the forums but didn't seem to find a clear answer. but I also read some devided opinions about it. Our girl loves to lay in front of the window, it's her fav spot, esp when the sun is out. The vet I go to said they can't get sunburn trough windows, but I wanna be 100% sure :s...
  3. Rens

    kitten scratches too much, and boredom problems?

    Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted. My little Saoirse is almost 6 months old and I've noticed a few problems. Usually she would play on her own during the day or chill somewhere. We have some interactive play with her 3 times a day on a schedule. And I try to apply the thing where...
  4. Rens

    general first time owner questions

    Hello everyone, I recently adopted a 3 month old sphynx kitten and I need some advice to make sure I give her the best life I can!♥ So I'm going to compile all my questions and doubts in here to see if yall experienced owners could give me some advice ;) so ... sorry for the long post :p when...
  5. Rens

    first time sphynx owner

    Hello everyone, I'm so glad this forum exists, cuz so far it has realy helped me when googeling some things about our new baby. my name is Rens and I live together with my GF, Cleo. we recently adopted a 3 month old sphynx girl we named Saoirse♥ She's adorable and highly affectionate but also...