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  1. Congore

    Sleep well my sweet Pico

    So sorry and our heart goes with you, I know the feeling we lost ours 3 weeks ago due to heart failure. I hope they are playing with each other right now.
  2. Congore

    Ziwi Cat Food

    Just wanting the forum's opinion on this cat food. We fed our little Airwyn this for years before his passing. We are welcoming a new sphynx baby girl to our home late November and I want to make sure we are feeding the best quality food. Wet Cat Food | Ziwi Pets Thank you in advance for your...
  3. Congore

    Thank you for all the wonderful information

    I never knew this forum existed and I am excited to read all the posts. We just lost our little Airwyn a week ago due to congestive heart failure. He was only 9 years and 11 months. We want to be owned by another Sphynx in the future and I was reading up on your forum things to look for in a...