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    Yoda Finn & Raven Gained a Sibling

    I love that... very nice
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    Sleep well my sweet Pico

    Wow... I am very sorry
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    Bubba Bear got his angel wings today . Forever and Ever in my soul

    I am sorry for your lost... also for Yoda... I saw the post.. I hope you and your family well soon.
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    Is she pregnant?

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    Cat myths unveiled!

    Very helpful
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    Going out to the store

    I don't mean to sound like an obsessed fan of this webpage but I have been reading the old posts. I am learning a lot and right now I am on page 38 going backwards. . "Under Sphynx Cat Tails." Trying to learn as much as I can from everyone. Thank you for this webpage
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    Going out to the store

    That is a great idea.. to see what is going on where the cat is. Thank you
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    Going out to the store

    Oh my ... okay thank you
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    5 y/o Sphynx Girl in Need of New Home (NY)

    If you you dis not get someone to adopt your cat I am interested as well. My email is [email protected] Thank you
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    Going out to the store

    Okay thank you for the info
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    Going out to the store

    Hi guys what do you do when you have to go out to the supermarket or the pharmacy what do you do? Thank you I do not have a sphynx cat yet...
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    What to expect from a responsible sphynx breeder

    Thank you for the information.. it is very helpful for next I try to purchase another sphynx kitten.
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    Sunday Pics

    They are adorable
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    I will thank you
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    Very helpful thank you
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    Yes I was told.. there is co-worker who has two hand told me as well
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    I contact a breeder and I am waiting for a response... I hope I can afford to purchase one of the kittens.
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    Thank you
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    Okay thank you
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    Hi everyone, I am new this this forum and I am interested in getting a sphynx kitten. I just registered in this forum today and love the positivity that everyone is spreading in the post. I live in New York Long Island and pretty much love animals, lol. I also love nature.. going outside a lot...