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  1. henry0reilly

    Ukranian Levkoy (not Sphynx)

    She has another vet appointment today. She has a little bit of rash on one shoulder that's troubling. Is there any type of litter that will help with the smell? (she doesn't cover it up)
  2. henry0reilly

    Ukranian Levkoy (not Sphynx)

    And I guess it's normal for her ears to be this way. We named her Roslynn (think Roswell, NM :) ) We've got her a wing back chair that we're sure she will like.
  3. henry0reilly

    Her ears look like they need attention

    Just back from the vet. Got her ears checked, cleaned, nails trimmed, and a shot of anti-biotics.
  4. henry0reilly

    Her ears look like they need attention

    This is my wife's cat and I'm trying my best to make sure she takes good care of it. I have to care for the parrots she "rescued" because she just couldn't grasp how important an almost rigid schedule is for birds.
  5. henry0reilly

    Chinese Crested --- where/how to *everything*?

    We have a 16 y o powder puff we got from the shelter last year. He bites me every chance he gets, but he's only got 3 teeth so it's almost funny sometimes, but still annoying. He has heart problems and won't be around a lot longer.
  6. henry0reilly

    Dumped at the shelter

    And one of the workers there knew my wife has talked about a hairless cat for a long time and just brought it to us immediately. She's incredibly forward and social and has some skin issues. Doesn't seem to have any teeth. Non emergency vet appointments are a week to 10 days out so I'll know...