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    Tracker for adventurous, deaf sphynx?

    Thanks for the suggestions, appreciate the input!
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    Tracker for adventurous, deaf sphynx?

    Has anyone found a GPS or similar tracker that works with your kitty? Originally I was going to put a soft collar and a tile tracker on her but she can't keep a collar on. My next idea is a soft harness and perhaps a tile on the back where a leash typically hooks on. The pet GPS trackers are all...
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    Sphynx bullying

    Hello - our kitty is deaf and seems slightly impaired cognitively. She has the 2 different colored eyes and a heart condition. She was re-homed to us because her prior family had 2 other Sphynx who mistreated her. We have 2 dogs and they tolerate her fine but they aren’t the best of friends and...
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    Hello from mom of 3yo Sphynx

    Hi everyone, we adopted Kitty a year ago. I’ve had many pets in my lifetime, mostly dogs, and this adorable naked, deaf cat has stolen my heart. Looking forward to sharing and participating on this forum.
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    Any Sphynx Cats for Adoption In the Bay Area?

    For what it's worth, my husband was horribly allergic to our hairful (is that a word?) cat and for that reason we avoided cats for years after Baby Kitty passed. We adopted a Sphynx about a year ago and couldn't be happier. My husband is not allergic and she is the love of our house.