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    Blue point male looking for forever home

    Hi! I don’t know if he’s still available but if he is please email me at [email protected] I am very interested!
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    2 y/o male looking for new home

    Hi! I am curious if he is still available. I currently have one other cat who is also quite playful and would love a friend to hang around with. There is usually always someone home at my household as I do have roommates (who also loves cats). I have never had a Sphynx before but I have done a...
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    Looking to rescue or adopt and adult Tampa,FL

    Hi! I am unsure if they’re still available but if you look up Angel whispurrz cat rescue they have two adult Sphinx cats in need of a home (they do not have an actual website but a Facebook page should pop up). It said they’re located in Gainesville, FL (not sure how far that is from...
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    Hoping to adopt Sphynx near Massachusetts area

    Thank you so much for the information! I am really excited to start seriously looking into adopting a Sphinx kitty. I also included a photo of Suki! I’m sure she can’t wait to have another friend to hang around with :)
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    Blue Sphynx in NJ looking for new home.

    Hello, i’m so sorry you have to rehome your kitty. I was curious if he’s still available. I currently have one cat who I believe would love a new buddy to play with. I’ve always wanted a sphynx cat and made sure to do plenty of research into having one. If you did allow me to adopt him I would...
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    Hoping to adopt Sphynx near Massachusetts area

    Hi! My names Lij and I live in Massachusetts. I’m 22 years old and currently have a tuxedo cat named Suki. When I adopted her they told me she gets along with other cats and she is very sweet. For years I’ve wanted a Sphynx cat and have done so much research into them in hopes one day I will...