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    Vet recommendation

    We are in the Tampa Florida area visiting, can anyone recommend a veterinarian familiar with Sphynx? Specifically a 17 year old senile Sphynx. We are trying to make her last days as comfortable as possible but she has lost her decision making (as far as safety). She can’t judge what her body...
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    Happy 17th birthday!

    Abby recently celebrated her 17th birthday. (OK we celebrated, she could care less). She is still fiesty, although she has a little more trouble getting around. She is perfectly healthy, has all her teeth and still has great vision. Still cuddles in bed, although we have to help her climb...
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    Former member coming back

    Hello, my name is Terri and I am blessed to have 2 Sphynx babies. I was a member years ago, but became inactive when I retired. Who knew retirement was so time consuming? My husband and I are full time RV’ers. We travel with 2 cats and 2 dogs. We recently moved from Texas to our home base in...