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    Winter, Sleep, and Mood

    This is my first year with my sphinx. Winter finally arrived where we lived and he has been sleeping in his bed for the past two days. Yesterday he also was walking a bit funny, which means that he was walking with his rear legs bent and his but almost on the floor. I went to the vet who said it...
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    Sphynx Acne

    I found acne on my Morty’s chin. Was wondering what other’s routine’s to prevent blackheads are? Thanks!
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    Hi I'm Mort and Im the Sphynx of the Month!

    Hello my name is Mort and I'm the first feline feminist. In these times no one can afford to stay out of the political process. Given this I've decided to join the fight for a more equitable society for everyone. Besides fighting for equality I enjoy afternoon naps, rubber bands, and...
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    Meet Mort!

    Hello! Meet Mort! He is an 8 month sphynx who lives in California. He loves to chase birds, rubber bands, and soup. Here is his instagram if you want to learn more about his day to day life follow him here Login • Instagram
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    Looking to adopt in Bay Area

    Hello, Mort my current sphynx cat would like a buddy. If any sphynx cat in the Bay Area needs a home would love to chat. Cheers, Eli