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  1. lolvo

    Found Good Vet in Puget Sound!

    Hey all, Completely by serendipity, I think I've found a good vet in the slightly-south-of-Seattle area. I got a coupon in this month's valpak envelope for South Seattle Veterinary Hospital. I figured since Missy and I will be traveling soon, I might as well get her an annual checkup and shots...
  2. lolvo

    What are you buying your babies this holiday season?

    I think I'll go to the Daiso and get Missy a few more "lap size" fuzzy blankets. She's enjoying the one I got her for her carrier thoroughly, and has taken to nudging/dragging it around sometimes when she wants something warm and cuddly in a specific place. It's really quite endearing.
  3. lolvo

    My sphynx is OBSESSED with attention?

    It helps to think of sphynx cats like the little Navi fairy from the Zelda series ("Hey! Listen!"). They're always going to hover around you, always going to be demanding your attention, and they always have something to say. That being said, it will make your life easier if you train them not...
  4. lolvo


    Missy displays this phenomenon too, most nights. She'll be napping or watching cars go by from the window, and it's like someone just flipped a switch! She'll sit bolt upright, go from "sleepy eyes" to "someone definitely put LSD in my coffee" eyes, and careen back and forth across the apartment...
  5. lolvo

    Wellness CORE Dry Food - What's Changed?!?

    Update: Strangely enough, the vomiting has not continued. Missy is back to her bright-eyed, petulantly adorable, must-interfere-with-everything-I-do self. Perhaps she was just so excited for fresh kibble that she ate too fast? Also, on a side note, the Wellness company is totally bad at...
  6. lolvo

    Wellness CORE Dry Food - What's Changed?!?

    Hey all, Just curious... does anyone else here feed Wellness CORE Fish & Fowl dry food at all, and have you recently noticed any changes in how your sphynx handles it? I just bought a new bag of it yesterday, fed some to her this morning with her normal wet food, and now have spots of cat vomit...
  7. lolvo

    Cat Trees?

    Just from personal experience, plush-covered trees are a bad idea if your cats regularly get their claws clipped. My Missy has quite a set of talons, so I always keep them short, and she still occasionally forgets to go for the sisal posts (which she can grip with clipped claws) instead of the...
  8. lolvo

    Just rescued a Sphynx

    Wow, she's quite a lovely gal! I adopted Missy around that age too, and it's definitely different than adopting a kitten. Adult cats (especially those that have been shuffled around, lived as strays, or been the runt that was bullied by their siblings) tend not to be as trusting as kittens, but...
  9. lolvo

    Fall Fashion: What Does Your Sphynx Wear?

    Mine is watching me post while she wears her darling little librarian sweater.
  10. lolvo

    Been away a long time, help me name my new baby girl!

    Dawwwww... she is just too sweet.
  11. lolvo

    Bath time for Archie!

    Hah, yours is so easy to bathe! I have to play goalie every time I give Miss Demeanor a bath - she's not particularly vocal about it, but she paces around in the tub and if I'm not careful she'll just pace her way right on out of it and onto my carpets.
  12. lolvo

    Where does your sphynx sleep?

    Mine has commandeered the pile of warm laundry I just brought in... ... but she normally sleeps either on my pillow or on my back.
  13. lolvo

    One of the toughest things that I've had to do in a long time....

    Take care of yourself, and know that everyone at the Lair and their companions feel it too and wish you and your dearly departed the best. m=^~.~^=m (cat hugs/kneading emoticon)
  14. lolvo

    One of the toughest things that I've had to do in a long time....

    I'm super sad for your loss, and I like what you've got going there already with the card! All it needs is a nice, comfy-looking cloud under him - you can mask a little bit of his front legs under it and a little bit of the wing feathers over it, and it'll look amazingly realistic. A fitting...
  15. lolvo

    Pretty Ugly Photos- Sphynxlair version (post your photos)

    I'll give it a go too... Pretty: Ugly: SCARY:
  16. lolvo

    My first Sphinx: Ellie :)

    Welcome, it's good to have you here! Little Ellie looks super duper happy with you, and pics are always encouraged.
  17. lolvo

    help trying to get info on declawing ????

    First of all, like pretty much everyone in this thread, I would say that you should definitely try every alternative to both protect your sister and little Gracie. An immediate solution would be to provide something protective that Gracie could use to climb up onto the chair instead of your...
  18. lolvo

    My Bald Lover

    Welcome! You two are all kinds of awesome and adorable!
  19. lolvo

    My reason for not chatting recently

    Ack, that stinks! Glad that you guys are all safe. I would recommend installing Prey on your next computer, in case the thief decides to make another visit once they think you've replaced everything they stole. That way, you can have at least some chance of finding the rotten person who took all...
  20. lolvo

    What kind of soft food are you feeding?

    Speaking from experience with cats in general, I would say that you should listen to him about the wet food. It could be that he has gotten bored with that particular food, or that the new batch of it has something in it that he doesn't like/knows is bad for him. It could simply be that he wants...
  21. lolvo

    Cat Lady Erica

    Welcome to the lair! Looking forward to having you (and your three lovely little professional sweater models!) here :)
  22. lolvo

    Comment by 'lolvo' in media 'Image'

    I love the use of soft focus here to bring out both the fuzziness... and the hairlessness!
  23. lolvo

    Comment by 'lolvo' in media 'Image'

    Very classy!
  24. lolvo

    Fall has Fallen

    Have you tried making a kitty "tent"? It can be made with two wire hangers and an old tee shirt, then stuffed with blankets and/or placed atop a heating pad to create a comfy, warm little den that kitties (especially heat-seeking sphynxes) seem to love.
  25. lolvo

    I messed up so badly...

    He looks like he is resting well and recovering. Missy and I send healing, loving energy to you guys on the road to his recovery :)