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  1. beckicu

    Cat Litter Question...

    I am trying the tea litter right now but I don’t care for it! it does not clump well and it’s so light that my cats track it around the room. I am switching off from clay litter and trying to find something that works well I’ve also tried the paper litter (looks like pellets) but that was worse...
  2. beckicu

    Emergency lung problems

    2/27 my Oscar passed away. My heart is broken
  3. beckicu

    Emergency lung problems

    Update: he has cancer and the vet is installing a port in order to help with chemotherapy
  4. beckicu

    Emergency lung problems

    Thank you Patty for searching & yes she did have to move fast- I will post information and anything I've learned once he's out of surgery, right now I'm just praying for him you Patty
  5. beckicu

    Emergency lung problems

    Update: Oscar had his CAT scan showing and unresponsive lobe, The vet could not even inflate it- he's currently in surgery to remove what looks like a dead lobe.
  6. beckicu

    Emergency lung problems

    EMERGENCY LUNG PROBLEM! My Oscar who is six years old had been diagnosed early w/heart disease so we've always kept careful watch & regular check ups- his last thorough check up was February 3. About 2 weeks ago he began occasional coughing & would have raspy watery sounding breathing I...
  7. beckicu

    Multiplying Large Black Spots

    2 of my sphnyx have those same type of spots! The spots started appearing around age 4-5 years and have become more numerous -most spots are flat and very dark however some will seem to get a bit raised and if I scratch at the spot it will actually come off! Like its grime.. I've gotten...
  8. beckicu

    Puppy or sphynx kitty first ?

    I would get the cat first! A sphnyx IS different from other cats - I've found they require more physical maintenance and they're amazing personalities demand LOTS of attention! A new home and new cat (of a unique breed) that alone is a lot of adjustment for someone! If you let the cat get...
  9. beckicu

    My kittens face has flaky dry skin!

    If flakes are on cheeks-Is she rubbing her face against scratchy fabric or furniture? If flakes are on chin & around mouth I would just use a warm damp washcloth as it's likely food. If flakes are all over and on forehead is she sitting where she's getting a lot of sun? As long as it doesn't...
  10. beckicu

    Leaving my sphynx kitten home alone! Help!

    If you would feel less stressed maybe you can restrict baby Luna to one room when you're gone while she's so young , as long as she's got food, water & litterbox it doesn't matter if it's a small room since she will probably just sleep...if you're less stressed you'll be happier & little Luna...
  11. beckicu

    The best shampoo for sphynx and bathing routine?

    When I first got my sphnyx I was so worried about bathing that I just got in the tub with them! They actually like bath time & with 3 it's something of a production! They each get a mani/pedi ear cleaning and shampoo massage! Although usually in the sink now-but it's not that unusual to have...
  12. beckicu

    I messed up so badly...

    My boys name is Oscar as well! When I started reading this thread I thought maybe I had written it and forgotten! I went through the same thing-My Oscar got The tip of his tail pinched in the door!!! Even bandaged He wouldn't stop chewing it-Finally he literally chewed off the tip-We had to...
  13. beckicu

    Being called cruel for owning a sphynx

    I think WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK!!!!! Love your special wonderful kitty's! And treasure all that they bring to your life! Don't waste time or energy on fools
  14. beckicu

    Fleas on Sphynx

    It looks pretty gross to see one or more fleas on the beautiful soft skin of our babies but the good thing is they are easily spotted right away so you can take quick action! sometimes an occasional flea can be carried into our house by someone who has indoor/outdoor pets , I worry too much...
  15. beckicu

    Sinus congestion

    My thanks to all of you for your kind support! Bare is still hospitalized but it looks as though I'll bring him home tomorrow-it's So difficult because as we know a sphynix is NOT an ordinary cat & we have to be their advocates! It's so helpful to have other Sphynx owners to share information...
  16. beckicu

    Sinus congestion

    Bare is staying @vets, after doing blood work the results show diabetic ketoacidosis. He's getting fluids & they're trying to determine the underlying cause....
  17. beckicu

    Sinus congestion

    the sample tested for pseudomonas-as of today hes been getting gentamicim through a nebulizer twice a day. His terrible congestion has improved alot, he dosent seem to struggle for each breath-but he is still a bit congested. What really worries me now is that he just dosent seem to be getting...
  18. beckicu

    How Common Are Serious Health Issues?

    Although I consider my three cats on the whole healthy -I've had thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills with them. I would strongly suggest pet insurance at least after the age of four . All three of my cats have issues with teeth so dental care is really important And ongoing...
  19. beckicu


    When I first got my cats the person I bought them from warned me not to allow them to get the leukemia vaccine-However Oscar was given the vaccine anyway -I was very upset but he had no problem with it. As far as any other vaccines-my 3 cats get all shots. I feel that I can't know what other...
  20. beckicu

    Sinus congestion

    Thanks for your response-Bare was last @vets about 2 weeks ago Tonight we're spending the evening in our powder room w/a humidifier-its like a steamroom and seems to b working-he's sneezed out a nasty gooey wad-luckily onto my arm & not into my wine....still it's encouraging-if gross I'll take...
  21. beckicu

    Sinus congestion

    My 10 year old (neutered) Bare Who's been very healthy has developed terrible sinus congestion-he has no other illness or cold symptoms-the antibiotic he's currently on is zeniquin 12mg p/day, before that it was the antibiotic shot-With both medications it seemed to clear up after the first...
  22. beckicu

    Creepy black spots on neck and back

    I have 3 Sphynx, 2 Males (Oscar & Bare) 1 Female (Czarina) ages are about 6, 7 & 9 years. Bought elder two @2yrs & 6mos, Oscar was a product of an unplanned pregnancy! Bare & Czarina Began to develop dark spots shortly after I bought them, when Oscar was about a year he began to develop spots...