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  1. AlliHille

    Loud constant meowing

    I have a very talkative boy. He’s always been exceptionally loud and talkative, but we’re about to lose our minds from how loud and nonstop his meowing is at night. He talks to everyone. You say something to him and he talks right back. He talks while running on his wheel, he talks while sitting...
  2. AlliHille

    Anxious about heart murmur

    A week and a half ago I lost my beloved Pico to a sudden heart attack. We found out in January that he had severe HCM and had been medicating him ever since. Yesterday, I took two of my other cats to the vet for their annuals and found out that my two year old sphynx, Matisse, has a grade 3-4...
  3. AlliHille

    Sleep well my sweet Pico

    I am sad to say that my very best buddy, Pico, crossed the rainbow bridge suddenly last night. For the past seven years he has been glued to my side every waking and sleeping moment. He changed my life and brought me great comfort and joy during his 7 years. Sadly, he was diagnosed with severe...
  4. AlliHille

    HCM Medicine Question

    Hi everyone - I have a question regarding HCM meds. My sweet boy is on Vetmedin, Enalapril, Plavix, and furosemide. He takes all of them twice per day except Plavix which he takes once per day. I’ve been super consistent giving him his meds twice per day exactly 12 hours apart. Unfortunately...
  5. AlliHille

    Medicine tips

    Does anyone have any tips for getting meds in your kitties? I'm struggling to give my poor Pico his four heart meds. Three of them have to be given twice per day and one at night. I have a pill gun for the three pills and a syringe for the liquid lasix. I hate having to stick something down...
  6. AlliHille

    Enlarged Heart

    The cat love of my life, Pico, is currently at the vet waiting for the cardiologist to do an echocardiogram. He's had a bit of a cough, so I took him in to the vet today and they noticed his lungs sounded strange. They did an xray and saw that his heart was enlarged and that there is fluid in...
  7. AlliHille

    Severely swollen eyes

    My youngest Sphynx, Matisse, has been battling a really bad case of watery swollen eyes and the sneezes this week. He’ll be 1 y/o in May, and hasn’t had a single issue thus far. His brother has an upper respiratory infection so the vet prescribed them both oral antibiotics and eye drops on...
  8. AlliHille

    Never-ending skin issues

    I’m about at my wits end with skin issues! Poor Pico started out with sores that just wouldn’t go away on his hind quarter. We went to our vet and she referred him to a dermatologist. After waiting almost a month to get in to the dermatologist, he had a couple of biopsies done. We’re still...
  9. AlliHille

    Sores that won’t heal

    Does anyone know what this might be? My sweet Pico had tiny little sores that appeared a couple of weeks ago. I thought they were healing, but they got bigger and just won’t go away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. AlliHille

    Reputable Breeder in Central US

    Does anyone have recommendations for a reputable Sphynx breeder in the Central region of the United States? It is a requirement that they actively scan their breeding cats for HCM and provide health information. I'm located in Central Arkansas, but willing to drive or fly anywhere in a...
  11. AlliHille

    Second Sphynx?

    I have been thinking about getting a second sphynx. My sweet Picasso (Pico) is 4, going on 5 this year. He's my true heart cat. We have three furry cats who he loves dearly. Before getting another sphynx, I have two concerns. The first one is that since Pico is so close to me, I don't want him...
  12. AlliHille

    Birthday Boy!

    Look who’s 4 years old (and not impressed with his hat)! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. AlliHille

    Pico and the portal

    Someone has decided that he’s gonna try to open the great portal once and for all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. AlliHille

    Sphynx Birthday Gifts

    My sweet kitty, Pico, is turning 4 on Monday! I need some good gift ideas for his birthday! What are some things your kitties love?
  15. AlliHille

    Scary morning

    Hi everyone - I haven't posted at much here lately as I've wanted to. I've been in the process of building a new house the past several months (with an awesome cat/litter box room!). Me and Mr Picasso had a scary morning this morning. Soon after I work up he vomited up clear liquids twice...
  16. AlliHille

    Pro-BNP test

    I took Pico to the vet today for a recurring eye issue. We determined a couple of years ago that it was likely feline herpes that was causing his eye to flair. I feel so bad for the little guy, so called this morning and booked him an appointment. As he's gotten a little older (he's 3), I've...
  17. AlliHille

    The hot Sphynx vs. home security systems

    I'm curious, do any of you Larians have a home security system with motion sensors? Does it work? We have ADT, and for years I had motion sensors with no problems. Mysterious a couple of months after getting my Sphynx, the motion sensors started going off every time I set my alarm. It never did...
  18. AlliHille

    How long have you been a Sphynx parent?

    We all know that these little creatures wiggle their way into our hearts! Now that I've had a Sphynx, I can't image ever not having one. Out of curiosity, how long has everyone been a Sphynx parent? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. AlliHille

    Knot and Bruise

    Has anyone seen anything like this? My poor Pico had a nasty bruise and knot on his side this morning. He does tend to be rather rambunctious, which causes him to be accident prone, but I can't help but worry! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. AlliHille

    Swallowing Non-Food Objects

    Does anyone else feel like they're constantly chasing their Sphynx around pulling foreign objects out of their mouths? Pico is ALWAYS trying to eat things he shouldn't. It freaks me out! I'm always racing to pull tiny pieces of plastic out of his throats before he swallows them. This morning he...
  21. AlliHille

    Sunday Funday

    A brief frolic in the sun [emoji295]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. AlliHille

    Visible Pulse

    Random question! Can anyone else see a pulse in their kitty's neck? I've noticed it on my boy, and was just wondering if it was normal. It's the sort of thing you'd never notice on a hairy cat! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. AlliHille

    Black spot on nose

    Any clue what this is? Picasso had a perfectly pink nose when we was a little guy, then some time later I noticed there was a tiny black dog in the middle of his nose that I couldn't scrub off. Over the past year or so it has slowly grown a little larger. Pics below from 2014, 2015, and 2017...
  24. AlliHille

    Sphynx Breeder Arkansas

    Out of curiosity....Has anyone here ever got a cat from an Arkansas breeder? PM me, if so. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. AlliHille

    Worried - HCM / Health Insurance

    Hi Larians! It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been a longtime lurker. I have a male Sphynx (named Picasso - Pico for short) who will be turning three in June. He's my sidekick and means the world to me. So far, he hasn't had any major health issues, but I'm so worried because I see...