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  1. Utu the great

    New sphinx mom needs Help! Is it a stud tail? and rodent ulcer?

    Hello, everyone. Guys, I need your help. I was trying to follow the treads here not to create a repeated one. Tried, I think, everything, and now... I am feeling desperate. Utu is my first sphynx, he is going to be 1 year in the end of February 2022 (approx. 8 months old now). In August I...
  2. Utu the great

    Hello, I am Utu. I leave in Mexico

    Hello, Everyone. My name is Tanya a first-time sphynx mama. He is still 6 months old, but it was a lot of learning already.; ) He is so beautiful and graceful:love:, I never thought I will get one of those {} I am a lucky mama. I found this forum by looking for information on food for him and...