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  1. oolahappi

    Elf trying to mount Sphynx

    Does anyone have a male and female, both fixed (neutered and spayed), yet the male tries to mate with the (very uninterested) female? My Elf was neutered at 10 weeks, but since he turned 1 year old, he seems to have these daily urges where he wants to bite my spayed Sphynx on the neck and mount...
  2. oolahappi

    Really Struggling with Grief.

    Grief is just love with no place to go.
  3. oolahappi

    blood on the floor (5 months old female)

    WARNING: graphic photo My girl also gets a bloody poop chute. Sometimes it's everyday for a week, and then it goes away for a month, sometimes it's once or twice in a week, then I don't see it for a couple of months. She's healthy, happy, eating normally and playing. Went to the vet and did...
  4. oolahappi

    9months old sphynx with Diarrhea

    I had the same issue with my boy. He had very soft stool. I experimented by changing foods and switched him to a predominantly fish and rabbit diet and the problem resolved. I since told my vet about the issue because it's difficult to find dry food without chicken...even wet foods that say...
  5. oolahappi

    Bathing and grooming

    Yes to exfoliating gloves. They will get used to bathes over time. I find it easier when I'm in the tub with them, you can get a firmer grip on them and they seem more calm also. If scratching is an issue, wear an old tshirt.
  6. oolahappi

    Sunday Pics

    snuck up on these two lovebirds
  7. oolahappi

    Eye gunk

    I just scrape off with my finger nail. BUT, has anyone with Sphynx cats ever looked at the bottoms of their walls? There are lots of dried eye boogers from them shaking their heads. The goop flies off and sticks to the wall. Let me know if you see the same on your walls :sick:
  8. oolahappi

    Impossible to keep clean!

    I echo the other posters, don't over bathe. Use wet wipes in between. I use a cotton pad with coconut oil to wipe under necks, under arms and on the poop chute - it gets the dirty parts clean quickly and moisturizes.
  9. oolahappi


    Coconut oil! I use this daily to clean their bums too.
  10. oolahappi

    Really Struggling with Grief.

    Not everyone understands the struggle of losing a pet. Some losses you feel harder than others. I had a session with a therapist a year after I lost my beloved Shihtzu and it helped. It's been 2 years since she passed and if thoughts (of the end) linger just a little too long, the tears will...
  11. oolahappi

    PSA: Protect your hairless kitties from the SUN!

    Thanks for the tip! For reference, what size do you get for your guy? Mine are both 10 lbs.
  12. oolahappi

    PSA: Protect your hairless kitties from the SUN!

    Hi All, it's been a while since I posted, but I have an important reminder for all the sphynx parents who may not see my post on Instagram! Take care when letting kitty outside. Even if it looks like they are in a shady spot. Also be careful about how much time they spend inside by the...
  13. oolahappi

    Keeping Nails Clean

    Hi fellow hairless cat lovers! Haven't posted in a while, but thought I'd share my video for keeping Sphynx/Elf nails clean. I don't know how they manage to get so dirty - probably from scratching themselves or each other. Wiping with a cloth doesn't work well, and scraping with my nail (ew)...
  14. oolahappi

    Unruly Ear Cleaning

    @oolahappi I've never heard of using wax, that sounds interesting. I checked out the video (and followed you lol), where do you get the wax? Does it need to be a certain type, other than being a solid form? And how do you clean the wax? Hi @CamedSoup, any beauty supply store will have paraffin...
  15. oolahappi

    Unruly Ear Cleaning

    @CamedSoup I posted a video on my instagram on an easy way to clean Sphynx ears. I do a preliminary wipe with a most cotton ball, then I press paraffin wax (warm and pliable solid form, not in liquid form!) into the ear, wait 20 seconds for it to harden a bit, then I pull it out and all of the...
  16. oolahappi

    At my wits end, need help

    @Gray Keep us posted on how you're doing and on your decision. I agree with @TheZu 's thoughts considering this is something that's been on your mind for a while. I went through something similar with a dog. I was so distraught when I lost my 11 y/o Shih Tzu suddenly to cancer that I went out...
  17. oolahappi

    How much to feed a 6 month old sphynx?

    Agree, I do the same. Free feed kibble and 1/2 can wet in the morning and 1/2 can wet in the evening. My 3lb kitten out eats my 10lb cat!
  18. oolahappi

    Grades of a murmur and what they mean

    Thanks for the share. My 2.5 year old is HCM negative, but grade 2 murmur. My 10 week old not HCM tested, no murmur. For the former, my vet said nothing to be concerned about right now and it may never progress beyond grade 2.
  19. oolahappi

    What should I get as a second cat?

    Actually, I forgot about a successful adult female to adult female cat intro. My resident 15 year old cat ruled the household and I was asked to foster a 2-6 year old shelter cat that was depressed and aggressive when handled. BUT, she was submissive, where my cat was alpha. They coexisted...
  20. oolahappi

    My Elf tries to suckle my eyebrow!

    Just a funny share! My 19 week old Elf-Sphynx wakes me up every morning at about 5:30am ready to nurse. With his eyes closed, he rubs his drool covered lips around my face until he finds my eyebrow (he seems to prefer the right one). Purring and kneading, he suckles away for about 5 minutes...
  21. oolahappi

    At my wits end, need help

    Hi Gray, we tend to make impulsive decisions when we're stressed and going through rough times. Is there a trusted friend or family member that could take your kitty until you sort out your situation? Cats can change, but not overnight. If you can, find a talk therapist to help you cope...
  22. oolahappi

    Questions from a first time Sphynx owner!

    Sphynx kittens eat A LOT! Make sure there is always food available. I find they throw up bile when they go long stretches without eating. Also, I was worried about how emaciated my kitten looked when I picked him up. I could see every bone! Feed them well and they will grow quickly.
  23. oolahappi

    Scabs that wipe off daily spreading over her body

    @NatureDaze Don't despair, I had the same problem with my girl. It comes and goes in the fall, so I suspect it is allergy related. She is only 2.5 y/o, so the vet can't yet say definitively that is what it is. My advice is don't waste your money on lotions and potions - wait it out. Just...
  24. oolahappi

    What should I get as a second cat?

    I tried to introduce a 7 y/o female (balinese) to my 1.5 y/o sphynx and it was a disaster. My sphynx and I were terrorized. The newcomer was alpha. A year later, I [nervously] introduced a 12 week old male sphynx to my now 2.5-year-old sphynx and she accepted him instantly. The age, sex...
  25. oolahappi

    It's finally happening!!!

    congrats, get plenty of sleep cause baby will be giving 5AM wakeup calls o_O:giggle: